DezGamez: Top 10 Best Premium Tanks, Credit Makers


DezGamez: New Random Battle 30vs30 & New Maps

Hello everyone,

DezGamez just released a video of the new Random Battle mode, currently being tested on Sandbox. I already got a few pictures of the maps, but I wasn’t able to publish them yet.

I need to further test this new bigger maps with 30vs30 players, but my first impression was: I don’t like it… To many players for me. But as I said, I need to play more and learn the maps so I can have a solid opinion about it. For now, enjoy DezGamez video and his opinion on this matter.

DezGamez – 80k Celebration – Type 59 Giveaway

Youtuber DezGamez is celebrating 80,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. And in order to do this with style, he got a few cool prizes to giveaway.

DezGamez 80K Celebration Prize List:

  • 1 x Type 59
  • 3x Type 62
  • 5 x Type 64
  • 3 x 2,500 Gold (7,500 in total)

The one thing you must do, is watch the video and get all the information before you enter in the contest, it’s very important because any invalid entries will be ignored/removed. So, for more details and the full rules, just visit DezGamez channel and don’t miss your opportunity to win a Type 59.


Bat.-Chat 25t AP – Gameplay

While I have my own YouTube Channel, I always think its better to show you other channels that I follow and that can provide some useful news and information. One of the channels I follow is from DezGamez and one of his latest videos was about the upcoming Bat.-Chat 25t AP, the new French Tier IX that is going to replace the infamous Lor.40t.

It’s not yet been confirmed by Wargaming when this tank is going to replace the Lor.40t, but the fact that Community Contributors like DezGamez, QB and others are publishing videos about the tank on the Test Server, must be an indicator that will most probably happen in the next patch.

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