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Tankfest: Information, Meet & Greet and more!

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Tankfest is here and we are back into one of the biggest events of the year. You are all certainly aware I’m going to be there, I’m been there every year since 2012, but this time it’s a little bit different for me because I’m going as part of Wargaming Community Contributor program.

I’m mega excited for this, loads to do and see, plus I get to meet some of you that support the blog.

If you see me there, please do feel free to come around and have a chat with me if you want. I’ll be mostly around Wargaming booth area, but I’ll be wandering around the museum and the arena too, trying to take as much photos I can to share with those who can’t make it to Tankfest.

I’m also participating at the Tankfest 3vs3 Tournament Finals, Saturday from 12:30 to 15:30 and I’m going to be on the main stage Sunday from 12:30 to 14:30, doing a Q&A Panel with World of Tanks Developers.

You know I’ll definitely will be at Wargaming booth at that time, so you can always catch up with me in between. Also, I’ll be at the Contributor Meet & Greet area on Sunday from 15:00 to 18:00, with Circonflexes & Friends.

Friday, all Community Contributors will be at the Tank Museum for the Contributors Day. We have a very tight schedule with loads of things to do, I know there will be loads of new information to share, so I thought that I’ll temporarily  replace the Streamer of the Week area for Tankfest 2017 Live Stream, here I’ll have my Twitch Channel feed, to make it easy for you all to check when I’m live from the Museum.

Please be aware, signal during Tankfest can be be very weak, so I’m hopping I can be connected to a WI-FI there in order to do the Live Streams. I don’t have any plans or schedule for when I’m going to be live, but I’ll try to be as much as possible, so you guys can enjoy the event even if you can’t go.

Hope to see you all there!