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Supertest: Japanese Heavy Armour Changes

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O-I Experimental

Type 4 Heavy

Type 5 Heavy

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: Japanese Heavy Armour Changes

  1. This restored my faith in this game.
    Adding weak spots ???
    All we can say is: Thank you SirFoch !

    Ok i think they should make the 250mm weak spot on type 5 even weaker (240) and same goes for cupola on top of the turret so tanks like IS-7 can actually stand a chance agains those monsters without spamming full prem ammo.

    Now it’s time for tanks like Maus, Defender, Chrysler and similar.

  2. It is, you still need gold to pen the front reliably on these tanks.

  3. If they think that 250 mm of armour is weakspot than I’m Robin Hood 🙂

  4. The pro Len with any changes to these tanks and any other tanks in the game that have thick armour is gold ammo….
    If gold ammo was balanced and not just a flat out better choice then tanks like the Type 5 and Maus wouldn’t have needed to be buffed in the first place. Gold ammo made them useless and now they are buffed so high that unless you are willing to spam gold ammo at them you don’t stand much of a chance. I mean the Type 5 is literally unpennable from the front with standard ammo and even tier 10 tank destroyers will only pen like 50% of the time.
    At least the Maus is a lot slower and less manouverable which makes it easier to flank and also the turret face is an easy pen for tank destroyers with standard ammo, the lower plate for anyone with standard ammo and the corners under the front drivewheels and anyone who spams gold can pen the turret front.

    Until WG fix gold ammo….these issues with unbalanced tanks will remain. Unbalanced tanks are not the cause but the effect. The cause is gold ammo. Plain and simple.

  5. They will never nerf a prem tank. Because, for one thing, they would then need to be prepared to offer refunds. And they won’t like to do that, so the prem tanks can only be “nerfed” if everything around them gets buffs

  6. Defender doesn’t need a nerf. The lower plate is so easy to abuse. Everyone shoots me in it and armor only works if people auto aim at me

  7. You should look at the statistics and maybe play a few games with IS-7 where you don’t load 30 APCR shells.
    You are one of those “omg russian bias” people who still insist that Maus isn’t OP and that IS-7 should get nerfed.

  8. hmmm…let’s play a tank in wot…what should it be?….a medium because is fast, i can go everywhere on the map even outside of it …booost, and i have 250-260 pen on normal ammo and i have an over 400 m view range….let us be unicums….hmmm i pen everything until….ohoooo…godzilas, type 5 and type 4 heavy…hmm let’s snipe them from 400m so they don’t see us…..ooooo….**** wargaming…i can’t pen this monster frontally….whar a ****** game what a ****** tank…pls wargaming nerf this tank even with my full load of premium ammo i can’t pen this **** tank frontally…broken tank ****,,,where is fosch to curse wg to their graves until they.ll nerf this monsters….

  9. I load 4 gold shells in my IS-7. It can utterly smash anything and unlike the Maus it can perform well in fast paced games too. Get hulldown and it’s gg before it even begins. I never said it needed a nerf. But it definitely doesn’t need a buff either.

    As for the Maus it is too good but not OP. The second people start spamming gold which is pretty much all the time in current meta the armour becomes meh at best and the mobility is still garbage. Also the Maus is never invincible. Even when angled perfectly both turret and hull only reach a maximum of 335 effective armour. That’s a 50/50 for most heavie and meds. And other than the grille 15 all TD can easily pen it. And when perfectly angled it cant shoot back either. It takes almost 4 seconds for its turret just to turn back to you after being perfectly angled. Anyone who can’t take advantage of this…lets just say it’s not the Maus that’s the problem.

    On top of all that my original comment still stands. Not my reply to you that is. But the fact that gold ammo is what breaks the game and has caused this imbalance in the first place. If it wasn’t for gold ammo tanks like the Type 5 and Maus wouldn’t have needed so many large buffs. But now to be competitive they had to be buffe. As a side effect anyone who doesn’t spam gold doesn’t stand a chance against them anymore.

    Once again. Biggest issue. Gold ammo. Fix that and half the balance issues in the game can be easily fixed.

  10. SirFoch rekts everything and don’t use gold bullets. I don’t know what the **** you crying about.

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