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T92 Light Tank Spotted on WG NA Video

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Hello everyone,

Wargaming NA released the World of Tanks Weekly #14 video and in it there is a small “Easter Egg”: T92 Light Tank.

t92 light.PNG
Click for large picture

Could this be the new tank coming in June? I had a look in the game client and I could’t find this tank to preview using the Comparison Tool and this is usually an indication it’s coming. So, either WG NA decided to tease us or to troll us. What do you think?

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15,466 thoughts on “T92 Light Tank Spotted on WG NA Video

  1. If you use the hidden tanks mod you will see it in the tech tree. It has no preview and it’s priced at 100 gold which is usually an indication that it is still in testing. But hey the T95/chieftain still has 100 gold price and it still is in the game so you never know.

  2. It’s funny you always keep on telling through the “Comparison Tool”, because that has nothing to do with saying all tanks in the files. The Vertical Tech Tree mod does that. 😉

  3. I know the vertical tech tree shows all tanks. But the comparison tool is an indication that tanks are ready to be released. Without mods you can see them. One of them is for instance the Strv81.

  4. Rumors were going around that this tank was planned as the Grand Finals promotional premium vehicle, but instead that ended up being the Chrysler K. I presume that they wanted to rebalance this tank in light of the grander light tank rework and decided to push back its release until they make it something less than broken (as it still is currently).

  5. Equipment + skills + food will boost this tank to over 2,700 DPM. The gun handling is superior to the T71 as well. I don’t think I’d call this OP in general but it sure looks “highly competitive” with the in-tree tier 7 LTs.

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