World of Tanks

World of Tanks – Ranked Battle Mode: Beta Season

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  1. so we’re about to see a bunch of skill players with exclusive gear smashing pubies? neat. im sure nobody will notice further segregation and new/lowerskill player alienation.

    Why not just come out and say ‘ we’re going to continue developing for only the top 3%, everyone else can just quit, we dont care’

    1. Good players smash pubbies even in stock tanks so they don,t need extra gear for that. Ranked battles are for pubbies that are thinking that they will be betters than good players with special gear…but they will suck anyway.
      In this situation the only winner is wg who will have server full with players eager to grab “op” for their tanks.
      Speaking of wg they have a good marketing campain of depicting everything of being op in order to sell well everithing…tanks, premium ammo, consumables and even special equipment.

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