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Valkyria Chronicle Tanks Coming End of June to ASIA Server

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Hello everyone,

All you from Asia Server waiting for the Valkyria Chronicle Tanks, there is good news: Edelweiss is coming later this month. No details on Nameless but I would expect it to come out about the same time. No information on a precise date yet, but if you want to win a Edelweiss for yourself, there is a tournament you can sign in with 4 more friends and try your luck.

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15,466 thoughts on “Valkyria Chronicle Tanks Coming End of June to ASIA Server

  1. TBH I hopped WG never really implemented this on PC… These are pure fantasy tanks, and imo have no play in the game :\

  2. Yea… I mean the 215b (120) is a pure fantasy tank. Never existed, never planned. The T110E3, as it exists in game was actually the T110E4. The T110E3 proposal didnt have a turret. And all of the T110 proposals had 120mm guns (same gun that the M103 and E5 have). The E 50 M was a WG invention.

    We are way beyond no fantasy tanks. This game is far from historical now (not that it was ever all that close in the first place)… so why limit?

    I say as long as they balance things put whatever tanks in the game. We already have skinned tanks… so we are already way p***ed the mark for what should and shouldnt be in the game.

    Moreover these two tanks atleast share some features with tanks of the real world.

  3. Next up is “Twilight Sparkle” from popular show My little pony.

  4. The weight of the Nameless is totally absurd, 34tonnes with armor 240/150/80 on turret and 220/80/80 on hulls compare to Tiger II weight 71tonnes with armor 185/80/80 on turret and 150/80/80 on hulls. The size of Nameless also not so differs compared to Tiger II and Nameless got 300 alpha damage on 88mm gun… =.=

  5. they based the game on tanks from the mid 1900’s or prototypes and ones that were on blueprints and I really don’t think they should add these 2 anime tanks to NA server because if you want them 2 tanks go play world of tanks blitz then because they have them on there game. I mean come on then they gonna start making more cartoon tanks in the game. I really think it ruins the game to make cartoon looking tanks and also if ya want tanks to look like that then you can go add aslain mod pack and use there skin section and put them on your own game and not ruin the game for people that don’t want them 2 OP tanks added to the game because they already have enuff OP tanks already.

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