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Swedish Heavy Tank Emil & Emil II – In-game Picture

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Hello everyone,

A couple of images have been leaked from the Swedish Tier VIII Heavy Tank Emil and Tier IX Emil II. They are very similar tanks, one armed with a 120mm gun, the other with a 150mm gun, but at the moment no other details have been published about them.

15,466 thoughts on “Swedish Heavy Tank Emil & Emil II – In-game Picture

  1. So it’s the Tier X? All Russian sources published as the Emil and Emil II. I did notice the hull of the Emil II was the Kranvagn, but wasn’t sure.

  2. The Emil-tanks and Kranvagn was part of the same study for future tank 1951. They were three versiner on the same hull, or ch***is, with different variations of transmissions, they thought about 10.5, 12 or 15 cm automatic loaded gun. The engine was an 8 cylinder air-cooled boxer engine, Ne = 550 hp at 2800 r / m. Engine output 19.5 hp / tonne

  3. The emil II design was eventually the design the design that lead to the kranvagn prototype. So the emil II should be viewed as the prototype to the kranvagn prototype ore the concept of the kranvagn prototype.

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