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Supertest: Pearl River map makes a return!

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Pearl River was one of the old maps in World of Tanks that was removed from the game. There were several such maps, and each of them had their reasons for removal from rotation. Nevertheless, we regularly receive requests from the community to bring them back into Random Battles. We follow the feedback closely and work out solutions to the problems whenever possible.

The reason for the removal of this location was multiple complaints regarding its excessive linearity and maziness. Now we would like to test the modified prototype that will allow us to remedy the issues raised up by the players.

The following changes have currently been introduced to the map:

  1. The MT direction has been reworked as the one that was most criticized by the players due to its linearity and maziness.
  2. A safe passage has been added for the lower base team, roughly corresponding to the upper base passage. Before the changes, there were 2 approaches from the upper base and only 1 from the lower base.

The future of the Pearl River map changes depends on the outcome of testing.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: Pearl River map makes a return!

  1. Always enjoyed this map.
    Is one of the greather apsent.
    I miss it.
    This return is a great news.
    Sorry for my english, i use google translator.

  2. How can a map be both “too mazy” and “too linear”. That’s the square of a circle. Never understood why it had to go, while Mountain P*** still remains.

  3. The last iteration of this map was. for me, 1 of the most enjoyable maps WOT had in its history. Happy that they are bringing it back.

  4. This map rewarded players who used the terrain and soft cover to their advantage..The many winding paths are awesome for light tanks. Was the map perfectly balanced for both sides? No, but that was what made it fun. I had many great battles on Pearl River and look forward to more.

  5. you were too late to bring back the old maps when you destroyed the game with ebr light tanks

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