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WGFest 2019 Developers Q&A Digest #2

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Wargaming Fest 2019 was a big success in Minsk and today more information was published from the Developers Q&A. Again, here’s a digest with the most important information I could find.

  • Object 430U is currently one of the strongest medium tanks, but it’s impossible to say when it will be reworked.
  • At the moment, there is no point in changing vehicles (rebalance) until after the next Sandbox iteration. After, maybe yes, as vehicles will change depending on the new ammunition changes.
  • Landmine mechanics is quite difficult and complicated to deal with. In the upcoming Sandbox, Wargaming wants to test it further and make it easier and more predictable.
  • Sandbox server will be coming in October, with landmine changes due for the second half.
  • At the moment, one of the priorities is the overwhelming number of battles with 3 SPG in one team, especially at Tier X.  Wargaming wants to reduce this number by changing the matchmaker. These changes have already been introduced to the live servers, where the matchmaker will learn how to distribute battles with SPG, between 2-1-0 SPG. The number of battles with 3 SPG should now start going down, but on the other hand, battles with 2-1-0 SPG should increase.
  • About light tanks, at the moment, Wargaming doesn’t want to limit them at all. For now, Wargaming is trying to teach the matchmaker to create more battles with 3-0 light tanks, instead of so many with of 8-5. Making the matchmaking better distribute the light tanks, instead of limiting their number, should have a better result.
  • New branches/tanks: Wargaming confirmed they are working on British wheeled vehicles and Japanese tank destroyers. (Harkonnen: I’ve mentioned earlier this year that Wargaming was working on British wheeled vehicles, seems we might see them next year.)
  • Wargaming is constantly looking into archives for new vehicles, potential new branches, etc. and good Japanese vehicles have been found for the new branch.
  • Japanese tank destroyers will be announced before they are launched as always, keep an eye out for information.
  • A branch of potential double-barreled tanks is already selected and ready to go if Supertest results are positive. (Harkonnen: As I mentioned before in my posts, the vehicles are pretty much ready, the Object 703 Version II has now hit Common Test 1.6.1 and we should expect to see these vehicles either at Christmas or even sooner.)

15,466 thoughts on “WGFest 2019 Developers Q&A Digest #2

  1. “At the moment, one of the priorities is the overwhelming number of battles with 3 SPG in one team, especially at Tier X.” Sad fact, there are 3 arta games at every tier, ESPECIALLY at tier 5-6, the amount of battles with leffees, grilles, m44’s, hummles arta is like out of this world which is so dumb. WG dosen’t seem like they play their own game

  2. Aww yiss, Japanese Tank Destroyers.
    Finally a new branch for me to grind in my favourite nation.
    Totsugeki! Yoi!

  3. Would be nice to see the British Boarhound in the game. May not be fast, but wow.

    NERF THE ****ING 430U!
    AND GERMAN TANKS……..!!!!!


  5. First: landmines? What the ****??? Is not eunogh cancer ****ing over our heads from the red line??
    Second: more wheeled vehicles with wheels and tires made of staliniun???

  6. Well, the new lines is always welcome as long as they’re not OP or weak af.
    About landminds…… I’m not sure if it will fit the game…..

  7. I think they should make more easy arty mission so people will play less to take missions out I don’t say to remove them completely because there are arty only players and even I don’t like them it will be unfair for them

  8. It’s never the amount of SPGs or lights that gets me, it’s the amount of TDs. I get wrecked trying to do anything way more often by tank destroyers than artillery.

  9. wtf landmines? NO PLEASE
    we told them to do 2 or less spgs per battle and they said it was impossible. guess who was right…again.
    430 and 430u need nerfs and wargaming is being super ****ty about it
    russian players are supertesters and will **** everyone on the russian 2 barrel tanks. they have helped make this game broken. they will do it untill this company gets non biased testers.

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