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Supertest: New Map Avenue Land Arrives at Supertest

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World of Tanks Supertest gets yet another new map: Avenue. With a Summer setting, the map is located somewhere in Germany and could be available for Random Battles. It features a size of 1,000 meters by 1,000 meters, but no other details or plans were shared.

Gameplay Description

  1. Main street. Suitable for heavy vehicles.
  2. A park with a diverse landscape for comfortable gameplay in medium tanks and snipers.
  3. An alternative, more dangerous route that allows for flanking the enemy.
  4. A mountain with a castle. Provides a line of fire at the bases and the park area.
  5. Long, straight avenues with little cover. A dangerous route for risky raids behind enemy lines.

Map Screenshots

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: New Map Avenue Land Arrives at Supertest

  1. My only concern with all these new maps are… They gonna be added to the existing list or are they replacing other maps. I’d really like more maps not the same amount but a few replaced…

  2. Out of the subject, but are there any news about the upcoming black market’s date? @Harkonnen

  3. Looking at the minimap screenshots I can already tell that the map wont be played as WG is intending. Heavies will camp in the houses and fight a hulldown duell because they dont wanna get snipped from castle/”2″. Ebrs will try to bolt over “3” or take the castle together with hulldown faster heavies and meds like 140. Strv and other sniperschnitzels have no choice but “2”. P***ive scouts will try to outspot enemies in “2” and from “3”. And fast sneaky meds like Bourrasque will dominate from “3”.
    “5” is for EBRs that go and try to kill arta like Daki when he drives ebr.
    This map will be mostly camping except for a fight over castle control and as it seems they cant be arty save there
    But its only Supertest yet

  4. Not Steel Hunter its a portion of Nebelberg, Grand Battle Map that was used in the Dark Hunter Halloween event

  5. Not Steel Hunter, It’s a portion of Nebelburg slightly alter. Nebelberg is a Grand Battle Map, that was used in the dark Hunter Halloween Event with the MT-25’s

  6. what happened to the Re-worked Port Map they promised us would return about 8 months ago?

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