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Supertest: Double-Barrel Branch Sneak Peek

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Supertest was hit with more double-barrel tanks by surprise, but that allowed them to share a sneak peek of the upcoming mini branch.

It’s not clear from what tank exactly the new tanks will need to be researched, but for now, everything points towards the KV-3. No information on what will be the regular Tier VIII heavy tank, only the Premium was announced for now: Object 703 Version II.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: Double-Barrel Branch Sneak Peek

  1. I feel like I remember them saying they were gunna test to see of this would be fun and balanced feature. But every time you see a tech tree rendering its like, well it coming now, ready or not. Also that wish they’d make full lines for again. No low tier French wheels, British lights, rear turreted Soviet(which is probably ok) and now two barrel.

  2. yeah, or maybe ST-I should be the tier X and the IS-4 go down to tier IX . it would be perfect

  3. russia has more tanks than germans in real life. and we dont see all of them.

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