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Supertest: ST-II – Tier X Double-Barrel Heavy Tank

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It comes to no surprise, at least for me, that the ST-II will be a brand new Tier X vehicle, instead of replacing the old IS-4. Out of the new mini-branch, it will be the only one with some authentic background information, or better, a paper tank coming to realisation.

The ST-II will be the pinnacle of the double-barrel soviet heavy tanks, but will it be worth the grind? More information soon.

1 thought on “Supertest: ST-II – Tier X Double-Barrel Heavy Tank

  1. looks interesting, I hope this would be balanced…I think the gameplay could be great to choose each kind of gun using. In some situation can be a single shot better for low life tanks and a double shot can for full life low armored vehicle be a desaster ! they can be destroyed fast ! the double has a lot of potentiel !

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