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Supertest 9.20: German Tank Changes

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This time on the Supertest server, there will be some test changes to the Tier IX and X super-heavy German tanks on the Maus branch as well as the Tier VIII Premium tank destroyer 8,8 cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger.

German Heavy Tanks

Recently the technical characteristics of the Maus have been changed which resulted in a significant boost to its battle effectiveness. After having checked your feedback and statistics carefully, we decided to do some updates and to adjust the capabilities of this vehicle.

What will be changed? The Maus will retain its core quality of being an armored fortress, despite the fact that its firepower and amount of hit points will be decreased. We will also fix the thickness of the armor of the hull bottom from 250 mm to 50 mm.


The situation with the Mäuschen is a bit different. We want to help you with your efforts in researching Tier X, so we will test a variant of the Mäuschen with increased mobility on the standard suspension. Thanks to this change, the Mäuschen will be more comfortable to play and it will be easier to completely research it.

8,8 cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger

We will also revise the characteristics of the Jagdtiger 8,8. Its mobility will be improved and brought to the level of its researchable counterpart: Tier IX Jagdtiger. There will be no longer a situation where vehicles with the same weight and engine power have different mobility.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest 9.20: German Tank Changes

  1. Really good to be honest.

    Not overnerfed. And looks very balanced. Kind of what the buff should have done in the first place. Happily surprised at WG.

    Jag 8.8 mobility buff was long needed too. Good change there as well.

    Mauschen…never played it so can’t really say. Buff sounds good because it is quite weak.
    Would hope of VK 1001 buff too. At the moment it’s just a ****ty defender. That said the defender is OP as all hell so…

    When it comes to German heavies though the Tiger 2 is in serious need of a buff. Even if that is half a second reload speed and a turret front buff to about 230 from 185.

  2. Thought the 250->50 was for the lower glacis at first, turns out its for underneath the hull. These changes sound fair and not overnerfing/overbuffing any vehicles.

  3. My vk 100 tears apart defenders with standard rounds

  4. And
    whatank have 250mm undearneath, is that most imprtant part of the tank, that is armored better then lower plate? What kind of idiots are working in balance department, maus almost recived no nerfs, sam with type 5, 2×4 pixels weekspot of 260 mm armor that most of the tanks still can’t pen with standard rounds not to mention that derp is destroying every possible armor except maus…
    Also why i Pzkw VII so crap compares to maus, mantlet full of 200mm zones, weekspot of 170mm when sidscraping, even cupola with crap aimtime and accuracy compared to maus….

  5. When you get tier 6-8 is like the tier x it’s quite good only if you don’t meet good players because those know where to shoot it

  6. Mauchen it’s the worst mastodont in the tier 9 but I played it only with e 75 gun and he is a decent damage maker thought is so slow and you burn like hell

  7. “There will be no longer a situation where vehicles with the same weight and engine power have different mobility.”


    Either they meant that to just apply to the JT and JT88 or they have an awful lot of terrain resistances to alter and some tanks will become totally unplayable.

  8. At any range the defender is better. In any position too except round a right hard sidescrape corner where the VK can hide the cupola.

    In every other position the defender can easily pen the VK and the VK will struggle even with gold rounds.

    The VK has to shoot down on defender lower plate so even with gold it struggles at close ranges. When facehugging its much much worse. When hulldown it’s worse. The VK is only better if it can hide the lower plate and the cupola both at once AND the defender doesn’t spam gold at the turret front.

  9. I never see the JT88 anymore, it got powercreeped hard with the high pen tier 8s, honestly even an INSANE mobility buff (like 40 deg rotation, 50kmh top speed and hovercraft resistances) would still be way worse than a Skorp G which has almost as much dpm and more standard pen than the JT88 has APCR pen. Honestly what can a JT88 do against a Defender/Patriot, even the STRVs1 autobounces it 100% and can pen it anywhere, it and similar tanks like the AT15 are relics of a past meta, before credit buyable premium shells, before quick, high pen and TDs, before high tier light tanks, when premuim tanks were supposed to be weaker quirky counterparts to the normal lines.

  10. Was wondering if the type 5 heavy has 70 pen on he with 3.66 blast radius and shoots the gound under supertest Maus with 50 bottom armor what will happen?

  11. This is backwards. They should buff the HP and nerf the armor. I get that they want the top tier heavies to be break through vehicles but honestly well aimed shots only pen 20% now. People won’t play games that aren’t fun and their is nothing fun about bouncing shots that should go through MOST of the time.

    Give them a large pool of HP and nerf Alpha accross the board so it is hard to chip away at top tier heavies but progress is evident. Basically like a boss mob in other games.

  12. Don’t shoot at the lower plate of the defender in the VK100op. Shoot the weak roof that’s easier to hit.

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