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Tankfest: World of Tanks Developer Q&A Panel

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6 thoughts on “Tankfest: World of Tanks Developer Q&A Panel

  1. pls, I dont have a posibility to listen the record, write on text please.

  2. Either my internet just took a shit on itself or whatever is on this post is incompatible with mobile devices…

  3. First 18 minutes tell you that the stream will start soon…?
    Summary of the content = WG gives a shit about their players… no surprises.

  4. “Balancing out gold with game mechanics” – WG 2017 i wonder how the game mechanics balance out gold, if its the penetration loss over distance that doesnt apply to HEAT

  5. IF WG posted this video why the heck do they spend nearly 19 minutes with a blank screen before this started? Or was this a private clip from Twitch? If this is direct from WG learn to edit.

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