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Supertest 9.20: Changes to American Medium Tanks

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New changes are going to be tested on Supertest 9.20, this time it’s the American Medium Tanks M48A1 and M46 Patton. Current M48A1 doesn’t have a good turret and has a large vulnerable area: commanders cupola.

Wargaming has decided to test a new turret from the M48A5, featuring a smaller cupola and better frontal armour, with this changes players will be able to use the terrain and the turret successfully. The M46 Patton will also receive better frontal turret armour, making this branch more intuitive to play.

Please note the following information is from Supertest Server. All information is not final and it’s subject to change before the final version is released.

M48A1 Patton


  • New turret from M48A5 Patton with smaller Commanders cupola.
  • Turret frontal armour increased from 177.8mm to 254mm.


M46 Patton


  • Increased turret frontal armour from 101.6mm to 215.9mm


15,466 thoughts on “Supertest 9.20: Changes to American Medium Tanks

  1. Oh, my goodness… shut up and take my money, the higher-tier American mediums have been needing turret armor for YEARS 😀 😀

    I really hope this makes it into the game. It would make the Patton series viable against the Russian mediums in the current meta; perhaps not head to head, but it would give the Patton a m***ive advantage in hulldown situations +9 degrees of depression.

  2. Would be good if it gets -10 gun depression rather than -9,would make the cupola harder to hit,so it can match the soviet meds

  3. WTF is going on!!! Wargaming is not taking even the real armour values of the tanks into account? Now more gold ammo is going to be spent in battles just because WG thinks that players have to surrvive longer. Instead of changing something to gold ammo in order to make it less pay 2 win, noo, WG is changing the armour of the tanks…

  4. I want to know something about 59-Pattons buff. I hope it will get turret armor buff and smaller cupola as well. But I am kinda worried about the 400m view range, if they’ll make the cupola smaller.

  5. Probably not but it might be one of those cases where it is getting buffed to get that similar feel to the tier 10. So it doesn’t feel out of place. But who really knows with WG.

  6. Honestly, these tanks didn’t need need the buff. They’re already solid, comfy tanks.

  7. Yep. Both are very good if played to their strengths. Pointless and – frankly – idiotic buffs. E5 all over again, really. WG should look at tanks that actually need some love, instead of changing tanks that are perfectly fine.

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