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Daily Bounce First Anniversary Giveaway #4 – EU Region

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Giveaway has ENDED!


All winners were selected by random and each entry was verified to make sure it was valid. The following list are the ten lucky winners:

  1. Wargaming Bag One: Frade
  2. Wargaming Bag Two: Konachu
  3. Wargaming Bag Two: SgtFragged
  4. Wargaming Bag Two: Frige2011
  5. Wargaming Bag Two: Fatkingburn
  6. Wargaming Bag One: alexandre12387
  7. Wargaming Bag Two: Hatsuzuki_Kai
  8. Wargaming Bag Two: IbianPahiva
  9. Wargaming Bag Two: Vic_Travers
  10. Wargaming Bag Two: Furios_2015

All parcels will be send during next week and winners will be notified by email once done. Thank you to everyone who participated and for those who didn’t win this time, there will be a few other giveaway’s soon.

Update #1 – 13/07/2017

After talking with some people, I’ve decided to remove the European Union restrictions for the giveaway. The giveaway it’s still limited to European countries, but not just from the European Union. Any participant from outside the European Union, will automatically agree to pay any Customs Taxes when they enter the giveaway. This way anyone participating will have free shipping (I’m paying) but will have to pay for any extra costs they might have for receiving the parcel.

For the fourth giveaway I got something special. First of all, I would like to thank Wargaming for giving this to me, so I can give it away to some of you lucky ones!

This time, I won’t be giving away just a tank, I’ll also be giving away a bag with some goodies! I got ten bags in total, but two of them are different from the other eight, here’s what each bag will bring:

Wargaming Bag One


  1. Wargaming League Jacket;
  2. Wargaming Community Bag;
  3. World of Tanks Bottle Cap Opener;
  4. World of Warships Pen;
  5. Wargaming Community Metal Mug;
  6. World of Tanks PC Matilda IV + Garage Slot + 1 Day Premium Code.

Wargaming Bag Two


  • Wargaming Community T-Shirt;
  • Wargaming Community Bag;
  • World of Tanks Bottle Cap Opener;
  • Wargaming Community Metal Mug;
  • World of Tanks PC Matilda IV + Garage Slot + 1 Day Premium Code.

While I do have ten bags, there are only two Wargaming Bag One, and eight Wargaming Bag Two. Because these goods were given by Wargaming, I only got send a limited amount of things, in the end I’ve ended up creating these bags in order to give them away as fair as possible.

How to Enter?

Before you enter, please make sure you read the following information:

  • Please make sure you have an EU Account.
  • Please make sure you have residency in an European Country.
  • Make sure you enter your name, address, contact number, country, account name and email. Any entry without this information will be invalid.

Ok, are you sure you have read the information? Then what are you waiting for? There will be 10 winners selected randomly after the giveaway closes. Just click in the bellow link to enter! Good luck everyone!

Click Here to Confirm Winners

Please note: if you aren’t from the EU Region, don’t worry. I’ll be doing other giveaways in the future for other Regions.

15,466 thoughts on “Daily Bounce First Anniversary Giveaway #4 – EU Region

  1. My girlfriend would go nuts if i won that stuff. She is sick and tried of me talking and playing that game. Especially when i get up early on saturday to get 2 hours of playtime alone lol.

  2. You left out Norway in a sense, while it is not a direct member of the EU it’s closely ***ociated through EEA. And it’s not harder nor more expensive to send things there than Sweden (which is next door) 🙂

  3. I cant participate and Im 90km away from EU border…talk bout luck

  4. Ah. Last year’s tankfest goodiebag with the code from this year’s tankfest.

    (Ok, the T-shirt and jacket are different)

  5. Last year Tankfest didn’t give the bottle cap opener 😛 So the only think in common is the bag and the cup 😀

  6. Sweet goodies. Would like to take my hands on the package ;D Good luck everyone !

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