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Sandbox Test: HE Shell, Feedback & Reaction

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Time for some preliminary results and feedback from the recent Sandbox HE Shell rework test!

Preliminary Results

Based on the preliminary survey results, we can state that key aspects of the revised mechanics were well received—more than 70% of the reviews were positive. In particular, players liked the following aspects:

  • a significant decrease in the amount of damage caused by the reworked HE shells when they hit the frontal armour of heavily armoured vehicles.
  • improved UI for notifications about hits and penetrations.
  • the ability to inflict minimal damage with HE shells when “hitting” armour.

Furthermore, from your feedback and the preliminary statistics, we can say that the redesigned mechanics accomplish the intended goals and don’t cause serious technical or design errors.

Current Discussion Topics

Reviews of your feedback allowed us to identify some of the main points of your discussions:

  • the ability of HE shells to penetrate side skirts and tracks
  • the impact of the new mechanics on standard and Premium vehicles, such as the KV-2, KV-2 (R), FV4005 Stage II, and others that use HE as primary shells
  • the impact of the reworked HE shells on lightly armoured vehicles
  • the number of critical hits caused by HE shells
  • the performance of high-mobility vehicles that carry high-penetration HE shells (in particular, wheeled vehicles)

All of these points will be carefully analyzed and addressed based on the collected data.

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