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Sandbox 2.0 – Upcoming Change to Stun Mechanic

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Hello everyone,

Today the Sandbox Server got a few changes to the Stun Mechanic. Here’s the official announcement:

  1. The guaranteed Stun time was increased from 30% to 45% of the maximum shell Stun time.

This change is being made to ensure that heavily armored vehicles remain stunned for longer. In the previous iteration heavily armored tanks weren’t stunned for long enough due to their significant protection against incoming damage. What’s important here is that we’re not prolonging the duration of the Stun in general — we’re only adjusting the minimum guaranteed duration. This should increase the stun duration for well-armored vehicles, while leaving LT’s and MT’s mainly unaffected.

  1.  The Stun’s de-buff to accuracy was increased by 50% from 1.25 to 1.75.

The objective of this change is to reduce the combat effectiveness of a stunned vehicle. Currently the Stun mainly affects the vehicle’s mobility, meaning that once stunned it’s more difficult for the affected vehicle to evade enemy fire. Now a stunned enemy vehicle poses less of a threat to you and your allies.

In practice SPGs rarely fire at vehicles that are vulnerable to allied fire, while vehicles that are out of reach of allies are stunned and damaged more often. Stunned vehicles were still able to return fire very effectively, causing the same amount of damage with the same penetration value. This meant that attacking a stunned vehicle was not really any less risky than before.

From now on stunned vehicles will no longer be able to return fire as accurately, making it safer to attack them.

Basically Wargaming thinks that heavily armoured vehicles weren’t punished enough by the stun… I’ve tested it and they actually were, at that point the stun mechanism was actually balanced. With these changes we will get heavily armoured stun to dead, using their medkits just to get stun again and get punished.

I believed that heavily armoured vehicles could use their heavy armour and protection to be the spearhead of a team pushing… With these changes what Wargaming will achieve is more heavy tanks camping because they don’t want to get stun and die without having a chance to fight back.

Stun mechanism should be there to punish light and medium armoured vehicles, while heavy tanks are able to push ahead.

What is even worse is that light and medium armoured vehicles will also suffer from this, even more, because you can’t equip heavy/superheavy spall liner to get extra protection…

Back to square one and hit the Sandbox Server to test this changes and see if these changes were actually needed or not…

15,466 thoughts on “Sandbox 2.0 – Upcoming Change to Stun Mechanic

  1. “In practice SPGs rarely fire at vehicles that are vulnerable to allied fire…”

    Who the hell thought of this? If you are being fired upon, it means that you are spotted, which means that you can be shot at. WTH?

  2. Spotted doesn’t mean vulnerable to enemy fire. Easy example – sidescraping E-100. I fire at him as arty, he gets stunned, but my teammates can’t really go for him – their shells bounce from sidescrape, if they advance from safe positions he looks at them and shoots, the speed debuff does nothing since he doesn’t move away anyway…

  3. ffs just make server whiteout arti ho wants to have arti go play with arti

  4. Stun effect should be remove…creates only frustration on both sides of the gun: for arty players and for the other players.

  5. So take some RNG away from arty and give it to everyone else? That will fix the lottery. :rolleyes:

    Also, rechargeable medkits are a bad idea, it’s just forcing people to use the premium consumable because then they only need to hide for 60 seconds instead of 90.

    I think once again WG are trying to prove the current (live) situation is the best and all the sandbox testing will be dumped.

  6. Meh…why so unnecessarily complicated. The suppression mechanic is over the top and is still just as annoying to suffer from.
    You want to make arty a long range support cl***. Easy.
    1. Make accuracy and aimtime much much better. (Also ties in to RNG and how accuracy is already an irrelevant stat). However make dispersion on the move even worse. They should be a static fire support position.
    2. Make reload time approx 33% shorter.
    3. Make shell arc exceptionally high so it can hit literally anywhere on the map. You want to stop camping…the only way to do it is to make sure no matter where they hide they aren’t arty safe.
    4. Double or even triple the current splash radius. This means if you do miss you still do damage.
    5. Increase HP on arty so they aren’t just 1 shots to most tanks of their tier. It should still take 2 or 3 shots by most tanks to kill an arty of their tier. Eg. A tier 10 arty could have 1200 hp.
    6. Ping on the map when enemy arty fired and a also show an obvious tracer line. This will allow counter arty to once more be a thing in this game. Rather than the current waste of time.
    7. Make shell speed much much slower. This will mean it is hard to hit players who are moving and playing aggressively. However those that camp will be prime targets. Tier 10 arty for example should have a shell travel time of at least 14 ish seconds to hit the far corner of the map.
    8. Only HE ammo. The type of HE ammo should be unique to arty with a special set of mechanics. There should be no penetration at all. Damage should be done to the hit vehicle in the effected range regardless of how thick the armour is. E.g. A 100 alpha gun should do 100 damage +/- 25% regardless of the armour on the enemy vehicle. XP and credits for hitting tougher targets should be increased while for hitting lightly armoured tanks it should be decreased.
    This will mean arty focus on targets that are top tier and have good armour. They will hit the targets that the team will struggle to deal with. They will no longer have an advantage by shooting and unarmoured tanks to get easy 1 shots.
    9. The damage on artillery needs to be m***ively reduced. A tier 10 arty should do 250-300 damage on a direct hit. This will make it less frustrating to the individual who gets hit but also any others nearby will take splash damage.
    10 (optional). With siege mode being added in the game now we can also add it to arty. The accuracy and aimtime without the siege mode activated could be the same as it is now. However the improved aiming stats and faster reload are only active when in siege mode. This will further the idea that arty is arty static fire support location with very control on the area it is aiming at but it will be difficult to control all arty reason on the map. The time to enter siege mode only has to be short. To leave siege mode it should be about 4 or 5 seconds. This will mean that scouts who break through can seriously harm arty instead of being shot gunned and also counter arty will be a possible tactic.
    Of course players don’t have to enter siege mode at all and it should still be playable but the reload times and aiming stats should be bad enough in comparison to encourage use of siege mode.
    Arty with turrets should have a smaller increase in stats from using siege mode.
    All these changes together will mean that artillery does stop camping as it is no longer safe.
    Artillery will be less annoying and boring to play as the reload time and accuracy will be much better.
    Counter arty will be a sensible tactic. You have to choose between shooting enemy arty or enemy tanks.
    When you are hit by one it is less annoying because your entire tank doesn’t just explode.
    Thoughts please anyone?

  7. Most annoying arty. Not even close. High tier arty is much worse. The biggest problem anyone has with arty is the fact that it can one shot you from nowhere and even if it doesn’t it obliterates most of your hp and modules.

    You get hit by an fv304 once and then you know where it is and you keep moving. The slow shells mean unless you are ******ed you can avoid most shells and you can still hide behind cover. Also fv304 has pen on it’s he shells and can do 450 damage compared to something like 50 damage it should do with the rework I am suggesting.

    As well as the counter arty system I suggested the arty can’t just sit still and permanent track you. It has to keep moving.

  8. I don’t get all the bitching. The game has been stale for about 3 years with only minor changes to the “bakance”. The same tanks dominate again and again unless you’re talking professional play which 99% aren’t.

    Give the new ideas some time to form and some positive feedback. Jesus, how far do you think anything gets with “this sucks” as the main comment?

    Perhaps they just need to ensure that comments are only listened to if the poster has p***ed high school?

  9. Don’t get me wrong, I like the changes they are testing on the Sandbox Server, I just don’t like the recent change from 30% guaranteed stun to 45%! Way to much. All the rest, if they introduce any of this to the game, I will gladly welcome them 😀 But you are right in one thing: people tend to overreact and demand changes, but when they see changes they don’t like them, even if they didn’t try them out 😀

  10. @havoc I’m ok with some of your proposals, but I don’t like the increased RoF 1) The FV304’s shell trajectory allows no hiding behind the usual cover. And, on a sidenote, hiding is not what makes the game fun to play.
    2) The RoF of this little terror beats the average repair crew. RepKit spent = doomed. Add stun on top = no fun at all. I can handle the casual one shots. HE ammo only, max 2 arty per game, trigger delay between click and shot, maybe cut the SPG trees at Tier8 with “scout” MM and I’m a happy tanker…

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