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European Tech Tree? Fake or Real?

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Hello everyone,

I’ve been asked to research and get more information about a post on another blog, claiming Wargaming is reconsidering to implement an European Tech Tree. Are these rumours real? Fake?

Unfortunately I don’t have enough information to say they are true and that Wargaming is actually thinking on introducing an European Tech Tree. It’s my believe this are news are fake. Why? The main reason is the fact the picture shown there is a fan made picture from 2012.

Source: Wargaming EU Forum | Author: NinjaonDope

This picture was created by NinjaonDope back in 2012, when first rumours and proposals of an European Tech Tree started.

Another reason why this looks fake, is the fact that the insider source claims Wargaming is going to create an European Tech Tree that will include existing Czech and Swedish tanks. Why would Wargaming start tearing apart existing tech trees to create a new one? More over when the Swedish Tanks have more than enough tanks to create a full medium line and even maybe an SPG line.

Other sources (which I can’t disclosure at the moment) have recently advised a new nation has just been accepted together with its proposed Tech Tree, so again why would Wargaming accept another nation if they could in the future introduce a tech tree that would “absorb” existing trees?

I am at the moment trying to get more information from Wargaming, but I don’t believe we will ever get anything else as they come back with “We do not confirm or deny any rumours or unofficial news.”

What do you guys believe? Fake or could this be real?


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15,466 thoughts on “European Tech Tree? Fake or Real?

  1. At most this might be a comment on creating a viable Italian tree…which really should be in the game.

  2. Seems fake to me. I would think the next most likely trees would be Italy, or Arab/Israel/Egypt. I don’t know if the A/I/E tree has enough demand, but it has plenty of tanks to build a fun line or two. Italy would require a lot of copy-cat tanks, but still might be good.

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