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Object 252U Defender – Coming to All Regions

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Hello everyone,

It seems the Object 252U Defender will be an exclusive for RU Region. That means other regions will get the normal Object 252U without the Defender camouflage. Both tanks are planned to go on sale within a few weeks on their specific regions.

I’ve just been informed the previous information was wrong. Wargaming is planning on releasing the Object 252U Defender to all regions without limitation. The Object 252U Defender is part of a series of “Hero Tanks” together with the AMX M4 49 Liberté and the T26E5 Patriot. It will be available to purchase without camouflage (this includes the EU Region too) and it has different hull shape and gun from other soviet premium heavies such as IS-6.

Article Updated 10/02/2017 at 15:31

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15,466 thoughts on “Object 252U Defender – Coming to All Regions

  1. It must be some cruel Belorussian sense of humour that the only Hero tank that EU can purchase without the special camouflage is the one with the least ridiculous one…

    I appreciate the possibility, but just to whine some more, I literally skipped the T26E5 because I couldn’t get one that didn’t look like an ultra-nationalistic US citizens dripping wet dream. This thing is way more subtle, and is tolerable if not preferable.

  2. Maybe, just maybe, we will get the other ones too? 😀 I also skipped the T26E5 because of the “Trump” camo… Actually got a “normal” M4 49 because I got it at Xmas 😀 lucky me!

  3. I actually just finished up an armor guide for this tank. This thing is going to be pretty damn hard to damage for most players. For a tier 8 premium its lack of weak spots frontally outside of the cupolas will drive a lot of people crazy. Expect a ton of premium rounds to be shot at the Object 252U.

  4. No, AMX 49 and T26E5 weren’t available without their “Hero Camouflages”. The only one was the AMX 49, if you bought the Xmas pack and were lucky enough to get it on the random reward!

  5. Yeah, that is true. I don’t know what the odds of getting one were though. I’ve heard of many (myself included) who got one on their first try.

  6. Trump camo? the red, white n blue thing with eagles hasn’t really got anything to do with Trump or is he just the defacto name for anything American and kinda brash the way Americana stuff kind of always is? Funny how US politics has polarised people all over the globe although I am getting sick of folks calling anyone they disagree with vile names like racist or white supreamist etc with no proof they are like that and sometime lots of proof that they aren’t. Sorry, bugger politics, back to tanks 😉

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