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Lorraine CDA – Possible French Premium Tank Destroyer

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Hello everyone,

While reading about some obscure tank projects, I’ve come across a few references on the Lorraine CDA, Canon D’Assault Lorraine.  Currently there is a gap on high tier tank destroyers in the French Tech Tree, so could this tank fit that gap? There isn’t a lot of information out there about it and only one prototype was build and went into trials.

At the same time the Lorraine 40t Medium Tank project was in development, the company was asked to develop a lightweight assault gun. Lorraine started to develop a prototype using the Lorraine 40t Medium Tank chassis in 1950, but it wasn’t complete until 1952. It was to be equipped with a long 90 mm DCA 45 or the 100mm SA 47 gun. It was heavily influenced by the late war German tank destroyers design, resembling a JagdPz IV.

By 1953 the tank destroyer concept was abandoned and the project was cancelled.




  • Weight: 25t
  • Armour: 40mm / 40mm / 25mm (no evidence was found so its presumed to be the same as the Lorraine 40t)
  • Main Armament: Long 90mm DCA 45 or 100mm SA 47
  • Length: 10,80m
  • Width: 3,30m
  • Height: 2,60m
  • Top Speed: 62 Km/h
  • Engine: Unknown (it’s assumed it would be the Maybach HL 234 P45 with 850 hp)
  • Crew: 5 (Commander, Gunner, Driver, 2x Loader)

How could it be implemented in the game?

It could be implemented as a Tier VIII Premium Tank Destroyer, having a similar role as the German E-25: fast and very manoeuvrable, good gun handling, but weak armour and a big profile making it easy target. My in-game characteristics proposal:

  • Tier: VIII
  • Battle Tier: 8/9/10
  • Hit Points: 1200 (Updated from 1100)
  • Crew: 5 (Commander, Gunner, Driver, 2x Loader)
  • Weight Limit: 25.0/38.8 t
  • Traverse Speed: 31 deg/s
  • Engine: 850 hp
  • Top Speed: 62 Km/h
  • Power/Wt Ratio: 34.0 hp/t
  • Armour: 40/40/25
  • View Range: 370m
  • Gun: 100mm AC SA 47 (updated from 90mm DCA 45)
  • Penetration: 232/263/50
  • Damage: 300/300/400
  • Rate of Fire: 8
  • DPM: 2400
  • Dispersion: 0.34
  • Aiming Time: 2.0 s
  • Elevation Arc: -10º/+15º
  • Radio: 750m (SCR 528F)

What you think? Would it fit the game, would you change anything in it? Let me think your thoughts on it.


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15,466 thoughts on “Lorraine CDA – Possible French Premium Tank Destroyer

  1. 800HP is very low, i thought around 1000 would be better IMO. Otherwise id see that little hitpoints really putting off people doing more aggressive plays when necessary.

  2. Actually I corrected it to 1100. The initial though was to be a Tier VII, so it was in line with what we got in that tier, bit being in Tier VIII it needs the extra hit points. Thanks for point that out.

  3. That same post says it has 90mm frontal armour… But I haven’t found any information about the armour… Could be a normal Tier VII, but that same topic you see some proposals of tanks that are in game in different tiers. At the moment WG said they can’t build a complete TD line, so they don’t want to implement lower tier tanks… And to be honest, this tank instead of Tier 8, could fit in Tier 7 premium, we need a tank to fill that gap so we can train crews for example.

  4. I always prefer to have a tank available to all by being in the tree, than placed as a premium where only the ones who can afford it can buy it.
    WG has said lot of excuses to not extend some trees. This topic says clearly that there is a lot of material available and that building new branches is clearly possible.
    Concerning the 90mm, the best is to ask to Teckyota his source.

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