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Wargaming NA breaking a NDA?

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Hello everyone,

I would usually stay away from articles like this, but I have to show my support for Meathead Militia. Last weekend there was loads of locomotion around Wargaming North America office and how they supposedly broke the NDA around the Rheinmetall Skorpion G.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it all started when Meathead Militia played with the tank while streaming:

Some Youtubers/Bloggers who have access to special accounts (press/test accounts to test upcoming content), that have to sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with Wargaming, started to boil because they can’t share/create any content with this tank, but Meathead Militia did a stream and even shared it in the World of Tanks Twitter account.


They are allowed to play with it, say to other people that they have tested it, but they aren’t allowed to share any informations about it, that includes print screens, Youtube videos or even talking about stats.

This brings us to one question? Did Meathead Militia break the NDA? Did Wargaming NA break the NDA around the Rheinmetall Skorpion G?

To be honest, I don’t really think so. I don’t have access to the complete NDA they have to sign, but the NDA starts with the following:

“This Agreement is made and entered into by and between Wargaming World Limited, a company duly organized and existing under Cyprus law having its principal place of business at 105, Agion Omologiton Avenue, Nicosia, 1080, Cyprus (hereinafter called “Wargaming”) and you, private person (hereinafter called the “USER”).”

So, if the agreement is made between Wargaming and a private person, I don’t see how a Wargaming Community Manager streaming exclusive content, that has been announced in the website back in the 28th of July, and last Friday on the usual Focus Friday video can be called a break in the NDA?

Can Wargaming impose a NDA to Wargaming? Even on content that has been announced that is coming out?

That is my question and my main point to disagree that he did anything wrong. To be honest, Meathead Militia is the one guy I would like to see in the WG EU Office. He has been helping World of Tanks NA to come back up, he is the main point of contact between the Community and Wargaming.

The Wargaming NA approach to the Community is what it makes them stand out and better than Wargaming EU. They don’t keep their Community in the dark any more, with Premium tanks “popping” out of nowhere and trying to shove them into our accounts. No, they share content, they talk about it so the Community can see/preview something before they commit with it. The amount of content they share about events and other stuff they are doing actually makes me wonder, why the f*** WG EU doesn’t do the same?

Yes, there will always be players who break the NDA and claiming that nothing happens to them is pure crap. A lot of players published videos about the new German Battleships coming to World of Warships and any player that has been reported directly to Wargaming Moderators have lost access to their special accounts and some videos were actually taken down.

To Wargaming NA Office: Keep up the good work. I just wish that WG EU would be as open and interactive with the Community has you are.


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15,466 thoughts on “Wargaming NA breaking a NDA?

  1. > why the f*** WG EU doesn’t do the same

    Who would actually do that? WG EU has nobody as popular as is Meathead. The last really popular EU guy was Ectar and he’s gone. I doubt most people can name today’s EU officials.

    And to counter possible “Then make themselves useful and it will improve” – no, EU doesn’t work that way. If somebody on EU did this, he would just get ****talk from EU community, I can pretty much guarantee you that.

  2. Yeah, I know that, but it’s only like this because they let it go for so long and never cared… Now its such a mess that hardly can be reversed. And haters are going to hate! Thats the problem! Even my post with simple content share get hate, just because… lol

  3. This legally may not be a break of the NDA, but it certainly is a slap on the face for the community contributors who can’t openly talk about the new content and it undervalues their work on said content. Why have exclusive access if WG releases all the relevant info way before you are legally able to?

    To be honest I don’t really think this kind of content should really be under an NDA unless it’s under 90% through it’s development, but this tank has been completed for months now.

    There’s too much of a disconnect between the WG regional offices.

  4. Yeah, I don’t understand this “controversy” at all. In previous videos and the Facebook Live shows WGNA does sometimes they are always very careful about not revealing tanks that are being tested; seems like it is actually sort of an inside joke for their office. So clearly Meathead had permission to play and show the tank, which everyone knows is going to be sold later this month. I like what WGNA has been doing and I don’t see why it seems to upset some people.

  5. I was like “WTF?” when I saw all the rant about it… It’s a tank that is coming up this month, most probably they will be putting videos out in the next few days anyway, but oh well! I just had to talk about it because Meathead is actually doing a great job for their community.

  6. I like the style WGNA has been using too, but some people are upset about this because they are still under NDA, thus can’t talk about this tank right now and when they will be able to talk about it, it will garner much less interest than it would have if WGNA wouldn’t have spilled the beans.
    As these people make a living out of covering game content and they have signed agreements with WG you can start to understand the issue.

    I mean from a player’s perspective what WGNA’s review is not a bad thing, but then there shouldn’t be exclusive content and NDAs if WG is going to review stuff themselves early.

  7. I would argue that the only contact we have with WGNA as the players is Meathead and TheChieftain. Sadly while we do have a large number of youtubers that pound on WG’s door… the problem is they are all on EU.
    I feel like EU has to speak for NA(most of the time) while at the same time being very un-american in what we want
    Also I think like many things that NA are putting out are just gimmicks and not able to do anything substantial.
    Since NA players are looking for something different than EU players The only things that can be done have to be done at Cypris and Minsk :/
    personally i want bigger maps and respawns

    must be the kind of gamer i suppress in me….the console gamer

  8. He played the tank a bit, so hardly a review, for maybe 100 viewers…then Rita brought all this attention to it and now many, many more people have probably found the replay of that stream and seen the tank (like me, Meathead is terrible in TDs).

  9. Can I just add that if nothing changes the Skorpion G will have a Commander, RADIOMAN, Driver, and Gunner…so the crew won’t line up with the Borsig…damn you WG.

  10. Just noticed that also… WTF? Who is the loader? Also, have you noticed he was playing Rocketleague and not WOT? xD

  11. Part of the problem are these professional EU youtubers with a huge conflict of interest. Youtube appears to be their day job and main source of income. Considering this, they will whine about anything that reduces a number of hits to their blogs and youtube channels.

    NA community is centralized around WGNA with them interacting with the community directly with Meadhead being a huge part of it. The NA youtube/streamer scene consists mostly of people with day jobs who just do this for fun.

    Perhaps EU professional “community contributors” (AKA stremers/youtubers) should get over themselves, get real jobs and stop whining about WG stealing their thunder with their own game.

  12. Amen Mr. Harkonnen. To me it sounds like sour grapes that WGNA shares info directly with players instead of dribbling it through bloggers/streamers. I do put more faith in info straight from WGNA than through filtered through rumor mill bloggers.

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