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Supertest: IS-3-II, Tier IX Heavy Tank

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World of Tanks will soon have their first-ever double-barreled gun tanks. A Soviet wet dream of a gun with multiple barrels able to sustain rapid-fire and destroy their enemies. Of course, to introduce the famous ST-II into the game, Wargaming had to come up with two completely fake vehicles so they could build a heavy tank mini-branch. The good out of all this: three new vehicles that all players will be able to research.

Starting at Tier VIII, it will be the IS-2 Version II, or IS-2-II for short, an up tiered fake IS-2 with two guns, but for now, no details have been shared, so we will start with the Tier IX vehicle: IS-3 Version II or IS-3-II for short. Remember, these vehicles are not Rewards or Premium, they will be regular heavy tanks.

The main appeal of all the vehicles with double-barreled guns is obviously firepower. The top configuration of the IS-3-II boasts two 122mm guns, each with an alpha of 390 points, so one salvo will deal close to 800 damage. More to it, the gun has enviable stabilization, its dispersion amounts to 0.4 m at 100 m and penetrates enemy armour 243 mm thick with a standard AP shell and 292 mm with a special APCR round.

The firing mechanic has its own peculiarities when compared to any vehicle currently in World of Tanks. Just like the rest of the double-barreled vehicles, the IS-3 II has three different firing modes: cyclical, double shot and sequential. The reload time for each barrel is 10.7 s, meaning that firing in cyclical mode will enable you to deliver damage approximately once every 10 seconds (the left one will fire after the right, and vice versa, with the switching time amounting to 3.5 s). Should both be loaded, you can fire a double shot: its preparation time is 3 s. The only downside to this spectacular shot is that after it, both guns will be locked for 7 seconds.

Vehicles with the ability to fire two guns have one major drawback, their armour. If you dare to play these tanks, prepare yourself to be extremely cautious on the battlefield. Yes, it does have armour but it only hits decent numbers in the turret mainly, with 250 mm in the front and up to 130 mm on the sides. And don’t forget it has just 1800 hit points.

Dynamics-wise, there are things to take into account, too. The max speed is all right (38 km/h), the specific power can be classified as average at 12.5 hp/t. That said, the vehicle doesn’t boast high traverse speed of either its turret or suspension which should be considered in close quarters combat.








IS-3 Version II IS-3 Version II 122 mm Unknown Unknown


Tier IX
Hit Points 1,800 (HP)
Hull Armour 130 / 90 / 60 (mm)
Turret Armour 250 / 150 / 130 (mm)

Penetration 243 / 292 / 68 (mm)
390 / 390 / 530 (HP)
Rate of Fire
5.85 (rpm)
Reload Time
10.26 / 10.26 (s)
Preperation Time
3.00 (s)
Reloading Lock Time
7.00 (s)
Gun Changing Time
3.50 (s)
Turret Traverse Speed 22.95 (deg/s)
Depression / Elevation -8 / +20 (deg)
Accuracy 0.38 (a)
Aim Time 2.88 (s)
Damage per Minute 2,281 (HP/m)

Aiming Circle Spread
after Shot (a)
on Turret Traverse (a)
on Vehicle Move (a)
on Vehicle Traverse (a)
on Turret Full Speed Traversing  (a)
on Vehicle Full Speed Moving (a)
on Vehicle Full Speed Traversing (a)

Weight / Load Limit 55.46 / 58.00 (t)
Engine Power 750 (h.p.)
Specific Power
13.52 (h.p./t)
Top Speed / Reverse Speed 38 / 15 (km/h)
Chassis Traverse Speed 29.20 (deg/s)
Terrain Resistance — / — / —  (m/s2)

Concealment of Stationary Vehicle (%) 6.45 / 1.16 (%)
Concealment of Moving Vehicle (%) 3.25 / 0.59 (%)

View Range 380 (m)
Signal Range 625 (m)


5 thoughts on “Supertest: IS-3-II, Tier IX Heavy Tank

  1. So the IS 2 II and Is 3 II was totally fake. So there were no blueprints for those tanks?

    1. No, nothing at all. The only one who had a “paper project” was the ST-II.

    2. I would prefer to have only the ST-II, researched directly from ST-I. We don’t really need to force completely fake tanks just to have the similar mechanics in lower tiers. Good players will adapt fast anyway and bad players… will continue to be bad players.

    3. Agreed Tibby, these fake tanks are stupid.

      The STB-1 is the only tank in the Japanese medium line to get the hydropneumatic “siege mode” mechanic. That proves there’s nothing wrong with the tier X tank of a line having a unique mechanic that the whole rest of the line lacks.

      No reason why the ST-II couldn’t also have been the sole Soviet heavy to get double-barrel since no other Soviet tank designs used it. (There were some Soviet TDs/SPGs with double barrels though.)

  2. you started doing nonsense from the game, no wonder you lose players every day with such a stupid wg policy and the introduction of idiocy into the game, from ebr tanks to now this

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