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Holiday Ops 2022: Rinoceronte “Fortuna” Style

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The “Fortuna” 3D style will be available in Large Boxes during Holiday Ops 2022! Transform your Rinoceronte into a modern-looking tank!

Style Description

“I only have one question: Why do we need ATGMs? We can barely handle this gun, and you are giving us a new challenge! Tell me, Antonio, how many arms do you think I have? Four? Six? How am I supposed to control all of this? Fine, I’m not trying to undermine the advantages of the new weapon, and we will most likely learn how to use it. But o’ Madonna! Why do they give us American missile launchers? Why, Antonio? All their mounts are measured in inches. Were there really no equivalents of these missiles with metric mounts in all of Europe?

Or was it another case of someone giving something to someone else, and here we have this beautiful American ATGM that we spent an entire day mounting and setting up with wrenches?! If only I knew how much of a pain it would be, I would have welded it to the turret and let it face and fire one way. What’s the difference, anyway—we can’t use it until we translate the documentation into Italian. Did you see how many pages there are, Antonio? Maybe you want to translate it, Antonio? You were captured by the British for two months, you could’ve learned the language there.

I’m only telling you this because you’re my brother, you’ll understand. For the commander, we are smiling as always, thanking him, and admiring his flexibility.”

Fortuna Pictures

Fortuna Preview


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