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Holiday Ops 2022: ST-II”Saiga” Style

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The “Saiga” 3D style will be available in Large Boxes during Holiday Ops 2022! Transform your ST-II into an anti-mine war machine and clear the path for your allies!

Style Description

We have to press forward. Out of the whole regiment, there are only six battle-ready vehicles left. Six. I don’t know what historians will name this neck of land, but it will definitely be named. Like Thermopylae. To our sides are sky-high rockfaces, and in front of us are hundreds and hundreds of dug-in mines. Any of them can be our last. And we are almost out of mine-clearing charges. And the EOD specialists are almost all gone…

Sometimes I think these cliffs are full of evil enemy eyes that are waiting for the right moment to pull the trigger. We don’t have any advantage here. We are blindly moving through this ravine. It’s like being in an Arctic convoy: You are following the route, well aware that right underneath you there is a whole school of German submarines. In an hour, your whole convoy will be gone. The same for us here: We are moving along this never-ending ravine, grateful for every hour without any shooting or explosions.

We have to press forward. And tomorrow is the 40th day since they promised to extract us within three.”

Saiga Pictures

Saiga Preview


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