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Holiday Ops 2021: Last Week to Complete Collections

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Holiday Ops 2021 will end January 11 at 08:00 (UTC+1) and after you won’t be able to get more small boxes with rewards and decorations for your Collection books! If you want to grab all the reward styles or just maximize the Credit Bonus you can have, now is the time to do it!

Remember Holiday Ops bonus effect will be extended from January 11 at 08:00 (UTC+1) until almost the end of January, when Update 1.11.1 hits the live server, so even if you are not interested in these reward styles, the bonuses are worth the try.

However, remember:

  • You will have as many Holiday Ops vehicles slots as you unlocked during the event, including the special Chuck’s slot from Missions From Chuck.
  • The cooldown when you change vehicles in slots for free will increase (once every 24 hours), but by spending a few credits, you can change them after each battle.
  • All tanks currently placed in your Holiday Ops vehicles slots (including Chuck’s slot) will continue to receive their bonuses and the bonus to credits.
  • The amount of the bonus to credits will be equal to the highest value you achieved during the event, even if you break all decorations and lower the Festive Atmosphere Level.

This means you can get about two weeks of extra Credits and Experience bonus and if you either complete the collections or at least have 72 decorations per collection, you can maximise the Credit bonus to +50%! Depending on how you are with your collections, there are several things you can try to do that will help out:

  • Collect as many Small Boxes as you can by completing the Daily Missions and Chuck Challenges!
  • Wait for the last day and have opened all Small Boxes before you start crafting! Each small box will drop 3 decorations and has a chance of dropping Level 5 decorations, you never know if you might get something you don’t have and save your Shards.
  • If you still have a lot of missing decorations on a book, don’t bother completing it, instead, try to maximize it and get 72 Decorations in order to get a maximum bonus out of the book.
  • Remember, decorations of from Level 1 to 4 do not have repeated categories, but only represent 56.5% of the whole book! This is valid for all four books!
  • Each Collection has 92 decorations, 40 are of Level 5 and these are the most costly to craft! Make sure to complete all Level 1 to 4 and invest in getting at least 20 Level 5 for each book.
  • Because Level 1 to 4 Decorations don’t have repeated categories, it is worth the Shard investment to craft them but only on the last day!
  • If you really want to complete a book, focus on the one you can actually complete! Don’t waste Shards on collections if you won’t be able to complete them.
  • Break all your decorations¬†on the last day, and use the Shards to craft Decorations you need!
  • If you already have 72 decorations per book and don’t want this year reward styles, you might want to invest all remaining shards on previous years books!¬†Remember any unused Shards you have in your account will be lost, so might as well invest them in a reward style from a previous year!

We hope these tips will help you out! Let us know if you have some more we can add here and how far are you to complete your collections in the comment section!

3 thoughts on “Holiday Ops 2021: Last Week to Complete Collections

  1. i missed the opportunity to redeemed my shards and be able to even get previous years styles. i had accumulated lots of shards. Today all is gone.

    1. Yes, it did say that it would all be gone on the 11th, so yesterday was really the last day.

  2. i got to tier x with 47% credit bonus. when i play a game i hardly get any credit onus after i win/loose a game. is there a way to see how high the bonus is ?

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