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Holiday Ops 2021: Discover Hidden Secrets in your Garage

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We have entered the last week of Holiday Ops 2021, so enjoy your last few days of Festivities and snowy garage, because they will soon be gone. As we come to the end of the event, we will reveal some secrets hidden in the garage!

Holiday Ops Cats

Everyone has seen them, a few cats in the garage wearing a collar with a number, but how many there are really?

Well, if you are one of those still searching for all the cats, do not worry, we can tell you exactly how many there are and where they are! In total, there are four cats!

Cat number one, two and four, you can find them in the piano, with the Snow Maidens and in the lights next to the snow structure! The last one, the missing cat number three that everyone is going crazy to find, is not in the garage! Yes, that is right, after much looking and asking, we can confirm that cat number three is the one showing on Holiday Ops 2021 trailer, the same one Chuck Norris rescues from the Christmas tree.

Gingerbread Man Tree

Another nice little easter egg is present in the Decorider! If you click on the blue mug, a Gingerbread Chuck Norris doing a split pops out holding a Christmas tree made of gingerbread crewman! The split is a reference to the Volvo advert meme, where Jean-Claude Van Damme did a split between two moving Volvo trucks and shortly after a meme video showed up with Chuck Noris doing a split between two planes holding several other men doing a shape of a tree!

Play an Icicle Tune

When you are in the Square, visit the Feast and you will be able to see a building near it with a clock tower. In that clock tower, you will find three icicles, these can be clicked and if done in the right order, a familiar Christmas tune will play.

If you haven’t tried this easter egg, give it a try by pressing the icicles in the following order, starting from Left to Right: Left Right Right Left Center Left Left Right Center or 1 3 3 – 1 2 1 1 3 2.

You will know if you are getting the order correctly because the snowflakes above the icicles will light up in blue and if you hit the wrong one a red light will show and you will have to start again.

Decorations Descriptions

You might have noticed or maybe not, but all Level 5 decorations have descriptions, while the others don’t. If you read carefully these descriptions you will find quite a number of easter eggs in them, like references to the Witcher games or even to famous books like Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie! Check them out!

Did you find more hidden secrets in the Holiday Ops garage that we might have missed? Let us know if you already knew about these ones and if you found other ones!

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  1. Time to stop looking for cat #3… Finally! Thanks =)

    Regarding the decoration descriptions I think the DIY table from the Lunar New Year deserves a special mention:

    “You imagination is limitless. The same cannot be said about paper: Save some for the future branch in the French Tech Tree.”

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