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Halloween Event Cancelled!

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Are you waiting for the Halloween event? Well, you might want to sit down and clear your schedule until 2020, as Wargaming has officially announced the Halloween event for 2019 has been cancelled.

Sometimes having an open and transparent dialogue means we have to deliver bad news, and we truly appreciate your understanding. At this year’s WG Fest, we announced the return of the Halloween mode in a revamped format. The team has been pushing hard to get it into the hands of players. Unfortunately, despite all our efforts, we couldn’t fix a number of bugs and technical errors in time for the release.

We’re afraid the Halloween event in its current state clearly isn’t the type of experience we want to deliver. Recently, we’ve encountered similar problems launching other in-game activities and wouldn’t want such situations to ever repeat. Releasing the mode with bugs and issues, just so that we could get it out in time for Halloween, would fall short of our targeted quality bar. Taking all of the above into account, we had to cancel the event in 2019. Understandably this news will be disappointing to many; we know there was a lot of excitement for the event. Rest assured that the team will continue working to bring you other engaging events during the rapidly approaching Festive Season. Please accept my sincere personal apology, especially those of you who have been looking forward to the mode.

Our team is committed to using this unfortunate case to learn from our mistakes and improve. Stay tuned for updates, we’ll let you know what events will soon make up for the cancelled Halloween mode!

See you on the battlefield, Commanders! Anton Pankov, World of Tanks Operations Director

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t come as a surprise. What it comes as a surprise is that they waited until Halloween day to just say what we all thought it was going to happen… Yes, it’s positive they are transparent and say it’s cancelled, but maybe do it sooner? There was never enough time to have the event in the game anyway for a while now, why delay the announcement? Oh well, let’s now just wait for the non-bugged version of Christmas 2019 event, shall we?

15,466 thoughts on “Halloween Event Cancelled!

  1. I’m starting to get the feeling they have staff turnover problems and are a bit low on skills at the moment.

  2. wg is all about the money they make ! do you want free stuffs ? nah they had plenty of time to make the Halloween event work , but why loose time , they announce it is canceled on the day that the event should be up and running ! Shame this is how you loose players and money ! all the other games i play have event wg this year sucks !

  3. Typical “hanging on a straw” behavior: developers till the last minute hoped that some miracle would happens and they would not need to tell the management about failure. The fact that it is extremely bad mood – to cancel event in the day of event, not before – obviously means nothing for them, “it is not their responsibility”.

  4. They have plenty of time to continuously **** out premium tanks and to be rushing 2 barrell fake russian tanks out.

  5. You cant compare thee two AT all. Modelling a tank takes about zero time compared to designing special events that only last for a few days. Critizing them crapping out a prem tank every week is a fair, but the comparison is not.

  6. So in normal Language they didint make it grindy enought to force ppl pay for finishing it so they cancel it

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