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Supertest: Object 752 – Tier IX Soviet Heavy Tank

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Today, World of Tanks Supertest will start testing a brand new Tier IX Soviet heavy tank: Object 752. There are no detail for the final use of the vehicle, but based on the Tier, it might be a future reward tank for Frontline, Ranked or other similar events. Object 752 doesn’t come from land of fantasy, it was an actual design proposal but never left the design stage. To learn more about this vehicle, just read our latest historical article.

An oscillating turret and a gun with an autoloader (a quite uncommon combination for a Soviet) are the signature features of this vehicle. The autoloader is a fast one: three shells, 2.75 seconds between shots, and 21.8 seconds for a complete reload. As for the other stats, the gun dispersion is 0.4 m per 100 m, and the aiming time amounts to 3 seconds. The basic AP round can penetrate 256 mm of armour, and the special APCR can pierce 318 mm. The gun’s one-time damage is 440 points, and the vehicle’s view range is 380 m.

The protection of the Object 752 is adequate for a heavy: up to 330 mm of armour at the front of the turret and up to 180 mm at the front of the hull. Yet keep in mind that there’s a weakly armoured oscillating part behind the turret’s frontal plate, so you better engage your enemies at mid-range. Keeping the distance between your opponents and yourself is not a problem with a power-to-weight ratio of 17.4 hp per tonne and a top speed of 50 km/h. A gun depression of -8 degrees lets you use terrain folds to your advantage.

Object 752 combines the aggressiveness of the Soviets with the cautiousness of the French. The dynamics allow it to take advantageous positions first, and its firepower lets it dish out lots of damage over a short period of time. Still, the tank’s operator should think beforehand of a place to wait out the reload time (while covering the weakly armoured parts). The key to efficient play on this tank is reacting quickly to changes in the tactical environment while making use of the vehicle’s strong sides.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: Object 752 – Tier IX Soviet Heavy Tank

  1. I find it funny how this tank among others are being revealed as the HE nerf is incoming. Like… show us ANOTHER TANK THAT ISN’T RUSSIAN FOR ONCE.

    Amusing too, because this one was only a blueprint too right? There are plenty of other vehicles that could be explored, but here we are with another tank that has broken OP armor schemes and is super mobile for a heavy tank. How do they get away with this you ask? Oh yeah, the tank has basically no room for the crew, so they can make a marvel of engineering at the cost of the crew’s discomfort. 😛

  2. What the **** is this company doing more op russian vehicles for NOW, not after the tank balances/nerfs, the ammo rework, or the other million promises (lies) they made last December to address? There are national tech trees with one branch. Theres been ONE nation for wheeled cars. Why flesh out russia with more, particularly with something so broken..again?

    Im so sick of russia first and russia is best.

  3. Isn’t the tank technically an Object 752M? The one with oscillating turret?

  4. Not only it was just a design, but oscillating turret was only a PROPOSED VARIANT, basically “what if?” research.

  5. Who cares…………WG don’t just another Russian tank with the same OP superpowers…. I am over this game, I play it less and less every day and spend less and less every month. They are seriously killing this game…

  6. Talk about an over-reaction! If this is indeed a reward tank, it will be the first tier 9 Russian reward tank in the game. FL has an American tier 9 reward vehicle along with a Swedish tier 8 one. Ranked will have a German tier 9 reward tank. Among the number of Clan War reward tanks only the 907 is Russian and among the campaigns there are 2, one for each season. Really only the French can complain about the lack of Reward tanks.

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