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Daily Bounce First Anniversary Giveaway #2 – Asia Region

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Giveaway will be running from July 5th to July 8th.

First giveaway was for EU Region, but this time I got something for all of you from the ASIA Region. From July 5th to July 8th, I will be giving away not one, but five Type 3 Chi-Nu Kay with a Garage Slot. For those who already have the vehicle, they will receive the value in gold and a garage slot.

About Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai

What other vehicle can you use to train your Japanese Crews? Almost a copy of the regular vehicle, it’s a very decent Tier V Medium. Mobile with a decent gun to flank your enemies, or in last resort to engage them head on from a medium distance. While it might not look like a great credit maker, with the right play-style it can perform at a very good level.

Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai Picture

How to Enter?

Before you enter, please make sure you read the following information:

  • To enter, please make sure you have an ASIA Account.
  • Make sure you enter your name, account name and email. Any entry without this information will be invalid.

Ok, are you sure you have read the information? Then what are you waiting for? There will be 5 winners selected randomly after the giveaway closes. Just click in the bellow link to enter! Good luck everyone!

Click Here to Enter

Please note: if you aren’t from the ASIA Region, don’t worry. I’ll be doing other giveaways shortly after this one for NA and EU Regions.


All winners were selected by random and each entry was verified to make sure it was valid. The following list are the five lucky winners:

  1. EJL
  2. Hirai__Kaze
  3. okeyneto
  4. the_average_tanker
  5. feteek

All tanks were send to each winner personal account as a gift. Thank you to everyone who participated and for those who didn’t win this time, there will be a few other giveaway’s soon.

15,466 thoughts on “Daily Bounce First Anniversary Giveaway #2 – Asia Region

  1. i suppose you dont offer the Matilda for ASIA server giveaway but the Chi Nu Kai, otherwise why showcase it ? 😛

    congrats though for being able to make giveaways 🙂

  2. Thanks Harkonnen we(asian server) are left out most of the time when it comes to give away. Thanks for remembering us.

  3. Is there a way we can see the winners from the Matilda IV giveaway? Thanks 🙂

  4. I have a Chi-Nu Kai. Mobility is actually a joke but armour can troll enemies sometimes.

  5. Gun is also very good. If played right it is on par with KV-1 in my oppinion

  6. If I win this I would have used all my remaining life’s luck.

  7. Is the email our account email? Sorry if the question is stupid

  8. All winners have been randomly selected! Congrats to everyone! I’ll send the tanks as a gift from an account Harkonnen_EU.

  9. Hey. I won the giveaway, thanks for giving us the opportunity.

    When will I get the tank?

  10. Just learned of it today. Perfect birthday gift. Thank you! 😀 – EJL

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