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Supertest 9.20: IS-7 & Russian Tank Destroyers Changes

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It’s time to talk about the updated characteristics of the IS-7 and some of the TDs from the Soviet branch.

Let’s start with the Tier X Soviet heavy, the IS-7. Once one of the most popular vehicles in the game, the IS-7 has lost some of its former power against the new top tanks. We plan to increase the strength of this old-timer by significantly improving its mobility and aiming parameters. The changes are intended to emphasize the current role of the vehicle – a close range assaulter. Due to its improved hitpoints combined with the excellent frontal armor, the IS-7 will now survive longer in a match. Firing will become more efficient due to the improved aiming parameters. We will also improve the mobility significantly (increasing the power-weight ratio from 15,4 h.p/t to 19 h.p/t). This change will allow the tank to take advantage of key positions on the battlefield.

Now let’s move on to the changes of the TD branch leading up to the Object 268. The BL-10 gun on Tier VIII ISU-152 will be replaced by the 152 mm D-4S. In fact, the 152 mm D-4S is similar in its characteristics to the 152 mm BL-10 except for the armor penetration which will become lower (260 mm on D-4S). The current armor penetration of the BL-10 (286 mm) on Tier VIII combined with the 750 HP alpha-damage is simply too effective. Moreover, we’ll increase the hitpoints of the tank in order to increase its survivability. The ISU-152 will also lose some of its 122-mm gun choices which will make it easier to research the top gun. The D-4S will be also added to the Object 704 as an alternative to the BL-10 which will remain available on the Object.

And what will happen to the top of the branch? We will significantly increase the speed of the standard shell (from 760 m/s to 950 m/s) of the Object 268 and will also double the horizontal gun constraint range which will make firing at long ranges much more effective and will make it easier to hit moving targets.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest 9.20: IS-7 & Russian Tank Destroyers Changes

  1. Now, the iSU-152 change is a welcomed one for me (I’m a noob-ish T29 driver :P)
    Dunno about the IS-7 though…

  2. I think the Object 268 needs a significant buff. It was outdated 2/3 years ago,imagine now. The tank sucks in almost everything and an improvement in shell velocity and gun constraint will make it gain just some mere little vantages. The tank should have much more reliable armor and maneuverability, like the Object 263, higher fire rate and higher alpha, because this is not just a tier X ISU, it is a tank with great possibilities which needs a buff

  3. from 15,4 h.p/t to 19 h.p/t its too much buff in the mobility of the IS 7 i believe. I agree though that it needs a mobility buff, but not so much !

  4. you cant forget about terrain resistances, the is7 has utterly bad terrain resistances, the chinese heavys will be still more mobile., they should buff just a little the dpm too

  5. whats the point of my obj 260 now? It sacrifices armor for mobility and now it’ll be as fast as the is7 without the armor smh

  6. 286 pen is too much for tier 8… How about UDES? 🙂

  7. I dont get why they remove 26 penetration from the ISU -152, thats the only thing it had going for it the alfa and the pen it now has 260 which is still big but not amazing.

  8. They did say for that 750 alpha on a T8 was too higher tho with that pen….i sort of agree and the UDES is a very situational tank and doesnt have the armour or the dpm of the T9 and 10

  9. This leaves the is-7 with across the board worse gun handling than the 113, 37mm less gold pen, worse dpm, worse ground resistance… Don’t get me wrong. I like the is-7 but it probably the lowest average damage tier x heavy for a reason. IMHO the is-7 badly needs 20+ mm more pen with gold. As it stands, the is-7 has trouble penetrating the side of the maus’ turret when using gold with even a tiny big of angling.

  10. I think the IS-4 does worse overall, doesn’t it? I don’t get why people think the IS-7 is a bad tank, there are several tier X tanks who have it much worse…

  11. The last thing the world needs is more pen to any t10 premium rounds.

  12. No it won’t, the IS-7 still has worse terrain resistances.

  13. That means not all Russian tanks are powerful. And that’s how it should be

  14. 750 alpha without good mobility, armor, or a turret. Stadisticaly the ISU-152 is close to the botton list in WR% and exp. compared to other tier 8 TDs. I think it is just that WG realised ISU-152 players rarely use premm ammo, so they nerf the pen.

  15. I agree. Rate of Fire should increase to its historical value of 7-8 rounds per minute.

  16. When u going to buff the Type 59 really old tank .. then why u dont buff a Kv-5 and her penetracion beacouse is really bad only 167 on tier 8

  17. Where the hell is that KV-5 buff that have been promised?

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