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Community Contributor Featured: Matt Brand

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Today featured Community Contributor is Matt Brand, an Australian World of Tanks player that I had the pleasure to meet in Minsk during a Wargaming meeting.

His content is quite different from all other Community Contributors and after an inactive period, he is back in business. His latest video is out and what else could it be? Defender vs IS-3A who would win?

I know some of you might not agree with his opinion, but remember, it’s just an opinion, leave your comments on what he needs to improve and don’t forget to Subscribe.


15,466 thoughts on “Community Contributor Featured: Matt Brand

  1. I like that he did focus that if you know how to play this tank it’s OP…that’s the key IMO. Pay to win and OP implies anyone can step into this thing and bang it’s a win and there’s 3k damage in T8. A TVP, a Super Conq, a batchat etc. are all OP in the right hands. The 3A might be more forgiving to bad players cause you can clip (although the gun is awful other than the clip) or the defender be more forgiving due to it’s armour (although less and less as people learn how to pen it) this broken tank stuff is getting annoying.

  2. False, these tanks make even bad player perform way over their level. That is why they are OP. It doesn’t need a good player to make them OP. And no, no-one can make TVP fe. an OP tank.

  3. Those are OP in general. In pro’s hands…well, Radley Walters OP.

  4. False False…lol. Way over their level? I guess we have different version of OP (overpowered). Overpowered implies that if it’s on the field their no stopping it and these things are very stoppable. It’s hard to communicate via a message board but I’ve seen them in SH and pubbies and am far from intimidated by them. They have very glaring weaknesses…..exploit them.

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