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Advent Calendar: Day Nineteen

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Six sleeps till Santa and the Advent Calendar special offers continue. Today special deal is the American Tier VIII Premium heavy tank M6A2E1.


The Premium Shop deal comes with the usual 20% discount for the bundle, with the tank, some Gold and Premium Account and a fully trained crew, but if you are looking to spend some spare Gold, you can buy the tank for 7,800 gold in the in-game store.


What’s Hot:

  • High effective frontal hull and turret armour are hard to penetrate even with Premium ammo!
  • Few and small frontal weak spots
  • Great gun depression
What’s Not:

  • It is best to hide your flat side armour and swivel your turret to fend off foes.
  • There’s safety in numbers. Lead the charge and take advantage of your strong frontal armour while your allies protect your flanks.
  • This vehicle is a mid-range hero. Find places and opportunities where you can aim and land good shots on enemies.


Mission – Advent Calendar Day 19

Please remember, you have to manually activate the Advent Calendar every day in-game.


  • Cause 3,000 damage
  • Complete all conditions in each of 3 battles.


  • Random Battles, Grand Battles
  • Tier IV or higher vehicles.
  • Available once per account.


  • Small Holiday Ops Box

15,466 thoughts on “Advent Calendar: Day Nineteen

  1. Please mention the abysmal DPM
    Using rammer and vent… You come up to onky 1934!
    That’s worse then crysler k…!!

    320 alpha isn’t that great either.

    Wz1g get 3319… And way better camo…and fine armor… Plus it’s more agile and higher pen/alpha

    It’s a collector s tank. Really

  2. It got limited mm. If you cant play with it, you just terrible in this game.
    Front armor is very strong. Gun is good. Alpha dmg is okay.
    I got ~2200 avg dmg and ~1500 avg blocked in it.
    Started from 100% crew, nothing special.

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