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World of Warships NA Q&A 17/08/2016

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Hello everyone,

First of all thanks to Takru (Supertester) from the EU Server, for compiling this and sharing it with the rest of us. I’ve added the questions when needed you guys can understand the answers.

Updates to Questions to some previous QueNA Questions:

US CV changes: Right now we are considering how we could buff US CVs in a future patch. Our current thoughts are to first buff the fighters so that they are more effective against their IJN counterparts, how exactly – we aren’t sure yet. Definitely not in terms of dealing damage. Not sure which patch this will be added to. Please note this is still very subject to change.

Q: Are we going to get another premium carrier in the game? (Possibly a Yorktown Class with a name that starts with an E?)
A: I don’t think we will be able to squeeze another Premium CV in before the end of this year but we should have some coming in 2017

Q: Any ETA on the Armour Viewer and Carrier UI rework?
A: Armour Viewer is looking like it might make it into 0.5.11, Carrier UI is still a few patches away.

Q: Could we get a more detailed review about ranked season 4 from WG’s side – like in season 2 for example – some numbers on how many reached rank x in how many battles on average. Also, how the feedback from the ranked survey was.
Still working on fixes for Team Battles. New season of Ranked will come first.

Q: Is it possible to have the scout planes controllable again but have them only be able to move in an area around your ship, would help with scouting and spotting so CV or DD aren’t the only ones doing it.
We prefer to not let players control them if we can avoid it. It caused problems for the player and balance when we have that feature. DDs were impacted probably the most but especially new folks would loose focus of what’s happening to thier ship and stop paying attention to how much damage they were taking.

Q: What changes does Wargaming plan to implement in Season 5 of ranked?
In season 4, there were many complaints about ranked such as:

  • Long grind to rank 1
  • The “Top scorer does not lose a star” having negative effects on teamwork, and also favouring DDs.
  • DD heavy meta, US DDs generally have been the best ships for ranked
  • Lack of cruisers due to high detection range and poor defences
  • Stale high tier meta on 2 cap maps, not uncommon for teams to sit in their cap and wait for the other team to come to them
  • Complaints that T6-7 gameplay was inferior to T7-8

A: As of a few days ago, we have gathered all the feedback from each region and are defining what season 5 will look like. I’ve thrown in some suggests for what I think can improve Ranked from the feedback I’ve received but here are a few things I think we will address for sure:

  • Map Modes – We will probably be removing a certain mode to help keep the battle dynamic
  • Top Score Star – It’s something we are going to rework for sure. Possibly expand it to the top 2-3 players or a more drastic change to the system
  • DD – Some of this will be solved by the new MM as the recent Ranked season was running on the old code. Reworking the rewards for EXP and Credits for other actions is another big part of the puzzle here
  • Tier level is still being decided. We are looking at if there is a comfortable enough level of pop for higher tiers in NA

Q: With the imminent introduction of the British Light Cruiser line, how does British Heavy Cruisers like the Country-Class cruiser fit into WG’s plan?
Right now we don’t have any plans to add or split HMS lines in the near future but it’s something both the community and internally we have been discussing what that split could look like for a while

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