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Perks of working for Wargaming

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Hello everyone,

Yesterday I got a very interesting email that left me very proud of my work with the blog. Who? SilentStalker. Didn’t believe the email at first but when I say that the made a reference to the blog on For The Record, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Thanks for your support mate.

Now, back to the purpose of this post. Nicholas “The Chieftain” Moran has posted an interesting video on his Youtube channel. We can see a normal day of work, where he shows off the perks he gets for working at Wargaming.

Wargaming seems to be working with know collectors and museums to record sounds from real tanks. I’m glad they are doing this, so we can have more realism in the game and actually get sounds from the same tanks we are driving. Looking forward to see what comes out of this.


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