World of Warships

Upcoming Tier V Italian Premium Battleship: Giulio Cesare

Aimed at everyone that has been eagerly waiting for more Italian ships, Wargaming announced today a brand new Italian Premium Battleship: Giulio Cesare.


This will be the first of two Italian battleships introduced in the game, Battleship Roma will be coming later in the year. With an interesting gun configuration, the ship will feature 2×3 and 2×2 320mm guns.

Please be aware all the following information is from Supertest Server, meaning it’s not final and it might change before the final release.

Initial Stats

Tier 5
Hit Points 45,500
Plating 19 mm
Belt 130-250 mm
Main battery 2х2 + 2х3 320 mm
Firing range 16,4 km
HE damage 4800
AP damage 9700
Reload time 30 s
180 degree turn time 36 s
Maximum dispersion 138 m
Sigma 1.5
HE and AP initial velocity 830 m/s
Maximum speed 27 kt
Turning circle radius 640 m
Rudder shift time 13 s
Surface detectability 13,3 km
Air detectability 9,4 km






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