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World of Warships – Gamescom 2017 Dev Q&A Digest

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During Gamescom 2017, Wargaming did several World of Warships live panels and in the last one there was a Q&A with what is coming up in 2017 or near future, with Artur Plociennik and Marek Tucan. I’ve done a small digest with what I consider the most important information.

Source: Gamescom 2017: World of Warships Live #3


  • Pan-Asia ships was an attempt to create a branch specifically for the Chinese/Asian region.
  • Pan-Asia Destroyers are more gun oriented than other nations.
  • Pan-Asia Destroyers torpedoes should be usable, similar to USN Destroyers.
  • Pan-Asia Destroyers will have deep water torpedoes, if tests are successful.
  • Replay system is coming when it’s done. It’s not considered a priority at the moment, but will become more of a focus as soon as Clan functions are released. Wargaming hopes to release a replay system by the end of 2017.
  • Training room falls into the same “box” as Replays, it will come when it’s done, as Wargaming is trying de develop and bring all the functions the player base requested.
  • Wargaming considers there is a over-population of  battleships, but statistically is OK. Players want to play more battleships, than any other class in general. Wargaming is taking a certain steps to control the battleship populations, deep water torpedoes for example.
  • Wargaming admits in terms of Class balance, the game is still not in a perfect place.
  • Competitive meta is something Wargaming is looking now, reason why some mechanics are being changed.
  • Wargaming reckons it’s a controversial topic, due to players having to change their gameplay, but overall Wargaming believes it’s necessary in order to refresh the gameplay and for game balance purposes.
  • Developer Blog on Facebook is an attempt to improve communication. Wargaming wants to give a better inside on why some changes are being tested. Players shouldn’t expect it to be a discussion area, but only has place to get more specific information.
  • Wargaming doesn’t know when British Battleships will be ready for release.
  • Italian Battleship Roma has been confirmed to come as a Premium some time in 2017.
  • Pan-Asia Premium Cruiser is coming in 2017. Details should be know this week.
  • There will more than one German Premium Destroyer.
  • Wargaming wants to introduce at least one Premium for each branch.
  • There will be a German port introduced to the game, there are two potential choices, at the moment Hamburg might be the one selected.
  • Wargaming prefers to allow players to customize their accounts, instead of their ships. Ship customization is lost because of the engagement ranges.

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  1. “Wargaming prefers to allow players to customize their accounts, instead of their ships. Ship customization is lost because of the engagement ranges.”

    I can say this disappoints me :/

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