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TDB Home » Supertest: Type 4 Ju-To, Japanese Tier VII Tech Tree Heavy Tank [9 Nov ’23]

Supertest: Type 4 Ju-To, Japanese Tier VII Tech Tree Heavy Tank [9 Nov ’23]

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The fourth vehicle from the upcoming branch of Japanese heavy tanks has arrived on Supertest as of this morning:

VII 🇯🇵Type 4 Ju-To

The Type 4 Ju-To is a Tier VII Japanese heavy tank. Despite its large dimensions and weight of 55 tons, the vehicle is quite agile and can confidently follow its allies at a top speed of 35 km/h. The frontal turret armor (200 mm) will enable you to deflect shells from same-tier enemies, as well as standard shells from most Tier VIII tanks. Additionally, the significant sloping angle of its 85 mm thick frontal hull armor makes it challenging for opponents to penetrate.

The top 105 mm gun boasts 320 HP of damage per shot, which is decent for a Tier VII vehicle. Fast aiming time (2.3) and low dispersion per 100 m (0.35) for this caliber make shooting comfortable at both close and medium distances. In addition, the tank has excellent gun depression/elevation angles (-10/20 degrees) and good damage per minute with a standard armor-piercing shell (1794 HP). This makes the Type 4 Ju-To a versatile heavy tank that will feel confident both in attacks on the first line and in positional firefights.

This vehicle is expected to arrive in January-February 2024, along with the rest of the new Japanese heavy tanks. Stay tuned for future news regarding this new branch!

Other vehicles in the branch:

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