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World of Warships: WoWs ShipBuilder Website Version Beta Release

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Ladies and Gentlemen, after multiple months of hard work, the team of the WoWs ShipBuilder application is now ready to present the beta version of their website!

As you might remember, back in November 2021, I presented you the application. While it was amazing in terms of features available, there always was the problem that it was limited to a third-party application.

Now, you have absolutely no excuse because they released a fully functional website (still in Beta though)! On top of that, they also added a ton of new features such as the Dispersion plot, effects of unique commander talents, and more.

The Website

WoWs ShipBuilder website link

Just like the application version, the website provides you with the full statistics of all ships in the game. Main battery reload, sigma, DPM, torpedo firing angles, everything important is there. For the sake of clarity and if you want to focus on a specific element of the ship you are looking at, you can also collapse the various tables to your liking.


As you can see here, unlike the application, you can open the pages for multiple ships at the same time and quickly switch from one to the other. There is from what I know no limit to how many tabs you can open. However, if you open too many pages simultaneously, it will take more time to load them all obviously. It is far smoother than with WoWs Fitting Tool where you need to copy-paste URLs from other pages and you are then limited to two or three ships if you want to compare them.


When it comes to trying various captain builds and upgrades, Shipbuilder is particularly smooth to use. Not only can you see in real-time the effect of skills, upgrades, or flags, but you can also see the effect of the talents of Unique commanders. This will be useful for you to decide if it would be worth putting them on X or Y ship where you would get the most out of their talent.

While for now, it isn’t possible to download an image to summarize your ship build, it is at least possible to generate an URL link that will allow you to save the build once you are done or if you still want to fiddle with it later on.

Dispersion and Ballistic Charts

Just like the application, the website can generate charts for horizontal and vertical dispersion as well as generate complete dispersion plots. You can also have graphs of the AP penetration, shell flight time, shell trajectory, etc.

As a whole, when it comes to shell behavior, Shipbuilder is absolutely top-notch. Also, the AP penetration value is as accurate as you can get since they have the proper penetration formula compared to other websites.

Acceleration and Deceleration graphs

You thought that Shipbuilder didn’t have anything to add? Well, you were wrong. Thanks to the incredible commitment of the people behind the project, they will soon add a new feature. The acceleration and deceleration graphs allow you to visualize the time it takes for a ship to accelerate and decelerate, taking into account the upgrades that are equipped.

As examples, here are the graphs for Des Moines with various Upgrades mounted as well as Minotaur compared to Worcester with and without Engine modification 1.

At this point, I think you understood the point I’m trying to make. WoWs Shipbuilder is a fantastic tool for anyone who seeks to better understand the ship they are playing and what’s best for it in terms of captain skills and upgrades.

Once again, if you want to check the website, the URL is

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