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World of Warships: Update 0.9.6 Changes and Additions, Supertest datamining – German Carriers event

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Update 0.9.6 is slowly approaching. This time, there isn’t any really spicy change or secret addition but there are still a few interesting things that need to be mentioned.

As usual, this update is still in testing so anything can change, except things like camouflages or artworks.


The German Aircraft Carriers Event: Part 1

The main feature of the next update is, of course, the arrival of the German carriers with the tier IV, VI and VIII ships being available in early access.


New expendable camouflage ‘Black-White-Red”, “German Carriers” containers, new temporary resource-German tokens, as well as new permanent camouflage “Iron Cross” for Rhein, Weser, August von Parseval, Manfred von Richthofen, Grosser Kurfurst, Z-52 and Hindenburg, were added in the game. Apart from that, Port “Hamburg” was updated.

Expendable Black-White-Red camouflage



New containers

Compared to the previous events, that one is actually interesting because there are, this time, 2 different containers. One could suppose that it signs the return of premium containers in the premium shop. The question is how they will handle the situation for the countries where lootboxes available for money are banned.

Standard German Carriers container


Premium (?) German Carriers container


Permanent “Iron Cross” camouflage


phpNBEPhHphpKgnmpd (1)

I will admit that these new camouflages look amazing. They have just the right amount of ornament.

Updated Hamburg port


New Loading Screen

Just like every updates, we are also getting a new loading screen. If you want it as a wallpaper, here is it:


New tokens


This will be the new currency for the different items available in the Armory during the German Aircraft Carrier event.

Announced additions and changes

Ranked battles


From July 22 to August 18 the 17th Ranked Battles season will be held on Tier VIII ships in a 7 vs 7 format. Victories will bring you up to 4 800 steel and other rewards.

It is Enterprise time I guess.

“Modules” tab update


In the 0.9.6 Update we’ve reworked the “Modules” tab in the Port:

  • The tab is renamed to “Equipment”
  • Now managing upgrades, consumables and modules will be performed in a single window without having to switch between tabs.

phpPhhMGi (1)

Content additions and changes

Ports “Naval Base”, “Azur Lane”, “Dragon” and “Sarushima Base” have been adapted for the new lighting model and enhanced HDR technology.


Icons, descriptions and names of several types of consumables with special settings were changed. It will emphasize the difference between these types of consumables and standard ones. Descriptions of ship groups in the Tech Tree tooltips and windows with detailed descriptions were changed as well.


Fast Damage Control Team


This consumable will be found on the Russian Battleships.

Specialized Repair Party


This consumable will be found on Salem, Nueve De Julio, Boise, Neustrashimy and the high tier British Cruisers and Battleships.

Rapid Takeoff Spotter


This consumable will be found on Lazo.

Short-Burst Smoke Generator


This consumable will be found on the British destroyers and Z-35.

Emergency Engine Power 


This consumable will be found on Småland.

Short-range Hydroacoustic Search


This consumable will be found on London and the British Destroyers.

New Main Battery Reload Booster consumable icon


This will be the new icon of the Main Battery Reload Booster…


Changes to emblems


Rules of receiving “Aircraft Carrier Commander” emblems of all stages were changed. Now to get these emblems you’ll need to have 60, 71, 84 or 113 thousands of average damage per battle in the last 100 battles. Emblems will be credited to all the players who met new conditions of getting these emblems.

New emblem “Collector. Gold” for collecting 350 ships was added in the game. The “Collector” emblems’ design was also changed. With the addition of “Collector. Gold” emblem high-grade emblems would be almost the same visually. The new design will make a distinction between the emblems of different grades more clear in terms of visuality.


Collector III
Collector II
Collector I
Collector Elite
Collector Gold

Sound improvements


In 0.9.6 we’ve updated the sound engine and audio parameters in our game:

  • Sound quality was improved on all quality settings.
  • Sound quality was improved in multi-channel sound systems (5.1, 7.1 and others).
  • Engine sounds of ships were updated. Besides, they are now divided into 2 types – steam turbine and diesel. Each engine type will have its own distinctive sound.
  • Plane engine sounds were updated.
  • The environmental sounds in the “Ultra” settings were reworked.
  • The “SFX volume” slider was removed form audio settings. Before the change, the slider was used to control all non-musical effects except for voice, thus duplicating all other sliders located in the right corner of the audio settings tab.
  • A new “Damage volume” slider was added in the audio settings tab. It is used to control the sound of shells’ interaction with all surfaces and ships, and the effects they cause.

We’ve also added some new sound effects:

  • When planes are flying next to the camera and when a squadron is approaching the ship;
  • When turning the camera, extinguishing fires and removing floods in a binocular view mode;
  • When choosing 1/2 and 1/4 speeds, when passing speed marks, when turning on the reverse gear, and when moving full forward with the “Ultra” settings enabled.
  • The new sound effects of hitting or getting hit were added, and old ones were updated. The new effects depend on the type of hitting (ricochet, penetration, over-penetration, etc.) and on the degree of damage dealt or received.

After the release of Update 0.9.6 the players will have to go to the audio settings tab and set the values that are most comfortable for them. The best sound can be achieved at the 100% volume for each category.


Unlisted Changes and Additions

Removal of the “AA hulls”

With Update 0.9.6, Wargaming are removing the C hulls (sometimes called AA hulls because they trade a part of the surface-combat armament for more AA power) on the following ships:

  • German Tier VI Cruiser Nürnberg
  • U.S. Tier VI Destroyer Farragut
  • U.S. Tier VII Destroyer Mahan
  • U.S. Tier VIII Destroyer Benson

Adjustment of the listed turning radius on some ships

The following change will make AprilWhiteMouse happy. For some ships, the listed turning radius in port was changed to correspond to their actual turning radius in battle:

  • Commonwealth Premium Tier VI Cruiser Perth: Listed turning radius changed from 640 m to 700 m
  • French Tier VII Destroyer Vauquelin: Listed turning radius changed from 670 m to 690 m
  • British Tier I Cruiser Black Swan: Listed turning radius changed from 320 m to 350 m
  • British Tier II Cruiser Weymouth: Listed turning radius changed from 500 m to 560 m
  • British Tier III Cruiser Caledon: Listed turning radius changed from 530 m to 580 m
  • British Tier IV Cruiser Danae: Listed turning radius changed from 540 m to 590 m
  • British Tier V Cruiser Emerald: Listed turning radius changed from 670 m to 730 m
  • British Tier VI Cruiser Leander: Listed turning radius changed from 640 m to 710 m
  • British Tier VII Cruiser Fiji: Listed turning radius changed from 590 m to 670 m
  • British Tier VIII Cruiser Edinburgh: Listed turning radius changed from 680 m to 730 m
  • British Tier IX Cruiser Neptune: Listed turning radius changed from 710 m to 790 m
  • British Tier X Cruiser Minotaur: Listed turning radius changed from 660 m to 750 m
  • British Tier X Battleship Conqueror: Listed turning radius changed from 820 m to 940 m
  • British Premium Tier VII Cruiser Belfast: Listed turning radius changed from 680 m to 730 m
  • British Freemium Tier X Battleship Thunderer: Listed turning radius changed from 820 m to 940 m
  • U.S. Premium Tier V Battleship Texas: Listed turning radius changed from 600 m to 650 m
  • U.S. Premium Tier IX Battleship Missouri: Listed turning radius changed from 920 m to 990 m
  • Soviet Tier IX Cruiser Dmitri Donskoi: Listed turning radius changed from 870 m to 970 m

New commemorative flags

With the Update 0.9.6, we are getting 4 new commemorative flags

Commemorative flag of the German Premium Tier VII Cruiser München


Commemorative flag of the U.S. Premium Tier VIII Cruiser Anchorage


Commemorative flag of the 17th Ranked battles season


Commemorative flag “El Libertador”


Considering the name of the last one, I suppose that it’s to celebrate Simón Bolívar, famous Venezuelan military and political leader.

New Camouflage and model for the Moskva

Our good old Moskva, now a Freemium got a little addition to her model in the form of a name plate on the stern.

shot-20.06.20_18.26.00-0345Sans titre

New rental ships for Clan Battles

With the Update 0.9.6, Wargaming brought back the rental versions of the Tier X U.S. and Japanese carriers Midway and Hakuryu. They also added a rental version of the British carrier Audacious.

Before you guys take out the pitchforks, let’s make it clear. It’s not because we are getting rental versions of these ships that it guarantees that the next season will be with at tier X with carriers again.

So far, it’s everything that I could find in the game files, In the coming days, I will, as usual, release the individual articles for the new ships that are entering the Supertest.

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  1. I’ve been working on making myself a spreadsheet of the various ship parameters like gun caliber, concealment distances, etc. in an effort to up my gameplay. One thing I can’t puzzle out via the Wargaming API are the armor parameters like bow and stern plating. Any hints on how to mine that data? I know it must be available somewhere because 3D Models uses it.

  2. So about the containers, There might be no “premium” container, that boxy container might be for German Collection as you should know German line missing second flag and alternative camo scheme options.

  3. You need to use the WoWs unpacking tool for this and extract the file. Alternatively, you don’t bother yourself with that and you just use the extended techtree mod in the game to be able to see all ships currently available in the client.

  4. Atleast “for now” there’s no collection, Since lootboxes are banned by many countries and German line needing collection we might see obvious suprise when 0.9.6 hits live or im just dreaming with hopes.

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