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World of Warships: Update 0.11.3 Content and Datamining – Hololive Collaboration

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Update 0.11.3 will normally be released on the 13th or 14th of April depending on which server you play on. While this update brings the second part of the Italian Destroyers early access, it also brings some interesting new content, including a new, yet unannounced collaboration with Hololive.

Italian Destroyers Early Access Part 2

The first major addition of Update 0.11.3 is the second part of the Italian Destroyer early access. For this second part, we are getting a brand new collection with a total of 18 items split into 3 sections.

Collection elements can only be acquired from Italian Destroyers containers with a standard and a premium version being available.

As previously said, the collection is split into three categories: Military and Decorations of Italy, Main Batteries of Italian Destroyers and Anti-Aircraft Defenses.

Military and Decorations of Italy

War Cross of Military Valor
Military Order of Savoy
Naval Medal of Heroism
Gold Medal of Military Valor
Medal of Honor for Long Navigation
War Merit Cross

Main Batteries of Italian Destroyers

102 mm/45 Schneider-Armstrong Model 1919 on a twin mount
120 mm/45 Vickers-Terni Model 1924 on a Model 1926 mount
120 mm/50 Ansaldo Model 1926 on a Model 1926 mount
120 ll/50 OTO Model 1931 on a Model 1931 mount
120 mm/50 Ansaldo Model 1937 on a Model 1940 mount
135 mm/45 Model 1938 on a Model 1938 mount

Anti-Aircraft Defenses

76 mm/30 Armstrong Model 1914 Air Defense Gun
40 mm/39 Vickers-Terni Model 1915/1917 Automatic AA Gun
13.2 mm/76 Breda Model 1931 Air Defense Machine Gun
37 mm/54 RM1939 Air Defense Gun Mount
20 mm/70 Breda Model 1941 Air Defense Gun Mount
65 mm/64 Ansaldo-Terni Model 1939 Air Defense Gun Mount

The reward for completing each section of the collection is the ability to mount 2 flags on Italian destroyers, cruisers, and battleships, respectively. The final reward for collecting all elements of the collection is the tier VI Italian destroyer Leone, a commemorative flag, and an achievement.

The Port of Taranto also gets a visual update:

New Dockyard

The other big addition of Update 0.11.3 is the beginning of the new Dockyard event. This time, it will be about the construction of the tier VIII Pan-American Battleship Atlântico.

Event rules:

  • The Dockyard consists of 22 construction stages.
  • Phases can be completed through Dockyard combat missions or purchased for 1,750 each.
  • The combat missions can be completed during Updates 0.11.3 and 0.11.4, while the Dockyard itself will remain available until the start of Update 0.11.5.
  • You can complete a total of 19 out of the 22 construction phases through combat missions.

If you complete the construction of Atlântico with doubloons before completing the combat missions, the missions themselves will still be available to you. However, instead of getting construction stages as rewards, you will receive bundles of 250 Steel.

Atlântico will also receive a commemorative permanent camouflage.

Hololive Collaboration

While it hasn’t been announced yet, we are getting a new collaboration with Hololive. This collab will bring us four new commanders, a new commemorative flag and a consumable camouflage.


Kiara Takanashi, German

Shishiro Botan, Japanese

Moona Hoshinova, Pan-Asian

Amelia Watson, U.S

Commemorative Flag

Consumable camouflage

Economic bonuses

  • Commander XP +75%
  • XP +100%
  • Free XP +50%

Tier X U.S. Freemium Submarine Gato

Right now, not much detail on it but Wargaming gave a ship preview and a commemorative flag to Gato. The ship itself was around since day one of the whole submarine introduction process.

Ship’s Preview

Ship’s Commemorative Flag

Visual Changes

Camouflages mounted on an aircraft carrier will now also be painted onto its aircraft squadrons.

Added dynamic weather-based snow and sand effects on ships.

Added HD textures for the maps Tears of the Desert, Trap, Warrior’s Path, and Solomon Islands.

Thanks to the improvements made to the game’s visual component, ships themselves as well as the underwater landscape look more natural and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the rendering of distant underwater objects when looking through binoculars has improved.

Other New Content

The following content will be added in the upcoming update 0.11.3:


  • The Permanent camouflage “Japanese Lacquer” for VII MAYA.

  • The Permanent camouflage “Japanese Castle” for VII NAGATO.

  • The Permanent camouflage “Wings of Courage” for VI AVIERE.

  • The Permanent camouflage “Dusky Owl” for X RAGNAR.

  • The Permanent camouflage “Doolittle Raid” for VIII HORNET.

  • The camouflage “Constellation of Memory”.

Economic bonuses:

    • +150% commander XP
    • +75% XP

Commemorative flags

Night of Museums Flag
Marina de Guerra flag
Armada de Ecuador flag
Paid Actor
Italian Destroyers Part 2
KOTS XIV Commemorative Flag
Aquila Commemorative Flag
Gato Commemorative Flag
San Diego Commemorative Flag

New achievements and patches

Italian Destroyers Collection
Italian Destroyers Collection

Ways to obtain new content will be announced later.

Superships in tech tree

Access to Superships

Even though they will appear as a progression of Tier X ships on the tech tree, Superships are not just a simple continuation of the existing branches, but a mechanically distinct feature altogether. To further emphasize their unique status in our game, we’ve decided that only players who own or have researched at least three Tier X ships will have access to them. Furthermore, in order to purchase a Supership, a player must have also researched the Tier X ship of the corresponding branch.

The purchasing cost of Superships depends on their class:

  • Super battleships — 57,000,000 Credits
  • Super carriers — 48,000,000 Credits
  • Super cruisers — 47,500,000 Credits
  • Super destroyers — 45,000,000 Credits

Supership Economy

One of the most important aspects to consider when adding Superships to the tech tree is their economy, meaning their post-battle income and maintenance cost. Over many years of active development, the game’s economy has, in a sense, accelerated due to the many bonuses and economic signals introduced, making it easier to earn Credits on even the most expensive-to-maintain Tier X ships and significantly influencing their popularity

When it comes to Superships, measures were taken to avoid them from becoming too popular compared to tier X ships.

  • Credit earnings in Superships will be similar to Tier X ships.
  • Post-battle servicing costs for Superships will be set to 360,000 Credits.
  • Permanent camouflages on Superships will not reduce servicing costs or increase Credit earnings. However, they will give higher XP per battle bonus.

Additional clarifications

  • The addition of Superships to the tech tree will not affect the Research Bureau in any way — Superships cannot be reset, so if you reset the corresponding branch, you will keep the Supership.
  • Branches resetting won’t affect your access to Superships. Once you gain access, you’ll keep it even if you reset your researched branches.
  • Battles with Superships can include Tier IX and X ships. Matchmaking limits regarding the number of ships per Tier and the number of bottom-tier battles per player remain the same as with Tier VIII-X battles. Battles with only Superships are also possible.
  • In Update 0.11.3, only Superships that have already been openly tested will be introduced to the tech tree — Satsuma, Hannover, Condé, Annapolis, Yamagiri, Zorkiy, United States, and Eagle. In the future, new Superships, such as the announced British cruiser Edgar and French battleship Patrie, will undergo the standard closed testing and balancing procedure before introduction to the live environment.

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