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World of Warships Supertest: Kronshtadt, Tier IX Soviet Cruiser

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Another Soviet Cruiser will be introduced to the game: Kronshtadt, upcoming Tier IX. The Kronshtadt-class battlecruisers, with the Soviet designation as Project 69 heavy cruisers, were ordered for the Soviet Navy in the late 1930s.

Two ships were started but none were completed due to World War II. These ships had a complex and prolonged design process which was hampered by constantly changing requirements and the Great Purge in 1937. They were laid down in 1939, with an estimated completion date in 1944, but Stalin’s naval construction program proved to be more than the shipbuilding and armaments industries could handle. Prototypes of the armament and machinery had not even been completed by 22 June 1941, almost two years after the start of construction. This is why the Soviets bought twelve surplus 38-centimetre (15.0 in) SK C/34 guns, and their twin turrets, similar to those used in the Bismarck-class battleships, from Germany in 1940. The ships were partially redesigned to accommodate them after construction had already begun, but no turrets were actually delivered before Operation Barbarossa.

Only Kronshtadt’s hull survived the war reasonably intact and was about 10% complete in 1945. She was judged obsolete and the Soviets considered converting her into an aircraft carrier, but the idea was rejected and both hulls were scrapped in 1947.


Initial Stats

Tier 9
Hitpoints 82,300
Plating 25 mm
Belt 230 mm
Main battery 3×3 305mm
Firing range 18.2 km
HE damage 4.200
AP damage 9,000
Reload time 20 s
180 degree turn time 35.3 s
Maximum dispersion 242 m
HE initial velocity 920 m/s
AP initial velocity 900 m/s
Sigma 1.8 ?
Maximum speed 33.5 kt
Turning circle radius 840 m
Rudder shift time 14.9 s
Surface detectability 14.3 km
Air detectability 13 km
Detectability after firing in Smoke
11.4 km

14 thoughts on “World of Warships Supertest: Kronshtadt, Tier IX Soviet Cruiser

    1. Have you watched the new video about the Stalingrad? Which is planned to be the new tier X Soviet cruiser. This one can be the tier IX for the new tech tree. Cruisers with big-ass battleship guns.

    2. That’s called a BATTLECRUISER, not a cruiser, not a battleship. There needs to be a distinct designation for ships of this category in game, because certain ships clearly aren’t battleships… (looking at YOU, Kongo!)

    3. Stalingrad and this are both battlecruisers, and Stalingrad is a clan wars reward, something I’m utterly furious about, especially as they hinted in the past it might be a tier VIII premium.

    4. There is no such thing as battlecruiser in this god damned game. Any battlecruiser that makes it into the game will either turn into a high tier cruiser or a low tier battleship.
      I wouldn’t want to see such potential ships sitting at low tier. So tier IX cruisers sounds better to me.

    5. Thing is, it’s another paper ship with same issues as Kurfurst making it laughable. And the same goes for Stalingrad. The latter, however, can be understood, considering how little people will get it (and well, it’s T10). This thing tho’, will be widely available. This is simply a shit battleship (as every battlecruiser – idea scrapped by all relevant navies post WW1, with remaining models rebuilt into FBBs), but never a cruiser. It shouldn’t have cruiser concealment, cruiser reload or training speed.

    1. can the Germans get the O and P Classes the Japanese B- 64/65 Class the USN’s Alaska Class and Royal navy the Improved Version of the Admiral class and the G-3 class of the RN then ?

  1. If this AND Stalingrad are both some kind of stupid reward ship I will genuinely stop playing because making some of the really awesome Soviet ships into “reward” ships is just utterly disgusting.

  2. Funny that battlecruisers are both BBs(Hood) and cruisers(This and Stalingrad) at the same time in WoWs…

  3. Hood, Gneisenau and Scharnhorst (laid down 1935) were classified as Battlecruisers by the Royal Navy during WWII. Scharnhorst had 283 mm guns. This soviet battlecruiser (laid down 1939) had 305 mm guns and looks very similar to the Scharnhorst… But the soviet ship is a Tier IX cruiser and the german (and british) is a Tier VII battleship in the game. It proves again: Wargaming is a russian Company.

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