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World of Warships Supertest Information #8

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Due to their many guns and higher than expected efficiency of a full main battery salvo, the Sigma value of the following ships was reduced:

  • Normandie, tier VI – from 1.8 to 1.6
  • Lyon, tier VII – from 1.8 to 1.5
  • Alsace, tier IX – from 2.0 to 1.7

Middle turret traverse for Normandie now has a range of 308 degrees instead of full 360.

Base range of secondary armaments was increased:

  • Richelieu and Gascogne, tier VIII – from 5 km to 7 km
  • Alsace, tier IX – from 7 to 7,5 km
  • France, tier X – from 7 to 8 km

These changes increase the priority of close combat and make the battleships more efficient overall.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships Supertest Information #8

  1. Wait wut? Ships with AP secondarries and weak citadels going to become brawlers, with terrible sigma? What the hellhhhh are they smoking!!!???

  2. Except the tier 8-10 have HE firing secondaries…. The tier 10 also has turtle back with decent turret rotation angles and Allsauce can simply angle in with 8 guns still to bare at tier 9. Honestly this role was obvious even before with the sigma and dispersion they had. I also fail to see how “Terrible sigma” makes you bad a being a brawler, the ships affected have enough guns to shotgun anything within brawling range and you don’t see ships like Fuso or New Mexico complaining about having 1.5 sigma do you and they have either the same amount of guns or less…. By that logic the German BB line would suck at brawling and the Yamato would be king, but that’s not how it is now, is it?

  3. With low health pool, thisn deck and long spotting range, powerful high tier cruiser would drain their health point in seconds. You should knew that if you played conqureor aggressively before. Comparing these high tier gameplay with low tiers are misleading you. Also it is very obvious that AZ is much more powful tan NM with higher sigma.

  4. Except that sigma isn’t everything and amount of shells a ship can throw out as well. They nerfed Giulio Cesare’s sigma and gave accuracy and it didn’t even break stride. While AZ is better than New Mexico because it has that better sigma, New Mexico herself is still a good ship and that’s a situation of WG not knowing “Balance” when it comes to premiums.

    EVERY battleship is susceptible to being drained out if they over extend. That’s compounded further if you don’t have a clue on how to use your damage control party and heal. This one will require a fair bit more patience and experience than all the other BBs, which is a good thing for this game. “Long Spotting range” you mean a spotting range 0.2km off of Montana? A ship which prior to the release of the travesty that was the British BB line was regarded as a great BB to run the stealth build on?

    Is this line bad? Honestly, not really. A few ships can use some changes, particularly the tier 6s AA, Tier 8 prems and normals flat dispersion as well as the tier 10s dispersion. But apart from that they are alright ships. It may seem like trash when the RN BB line was the previous BB line but with how much community backlash they are still getting from the power creep, it’s easy to tell why. The role these guys seem to encomp*** is a flanker/crossfire opportunity maker. You’ll play at mid range using your speed to put yourself into positions where you can catch enemy ships broadside as they are forced to push into your main fleet. When that no longer is an option, you start playing aggressively when the enemy is scattered and you can isolate targets with your speed. If losing, you have the superior kitting ability over all of the battleships due to your speed. You have the utility of your U.S counterparts at higher tiers with a fantastic AA suite. And if things get really bad, and you find yourself an enemy who is angling in. Most of these ships either have enough shells to make the HE work… Or just have flat out good HE. Not as spammy as the RN BBs, but usable in a pinch.

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