World of Warships

World of Warships Supertest: Halloween, Clan Battles and Graf Zeppelin

Halloween Consumables



  • Anti-targeting system forces the enemy to stop attacking your ship.
  • Tainted Engine Boost enhances engine performance and repairs damage when inside The Taint. Repair efficiency grows with total damage dealt in several stages.
  • Steam Torpedo Reload Booster works like standard TRB consumable and reduces torpedo reload time.



  • Surveillance Radar works like standard SR and instantly reveals all enemy ships within the radar specified radius, including the territory of The Taint.

  • Inversion Charge reduces the main gun reload time and repairs damage. Repair efficiency grows with total damage dealt in several stages.



  • Energy Shield makes your ship immune to all type of damage, except for the damage from The Taint.

  • Repair Zone repairs the allies within the area of effect, including player’s ship. The efficiency grows with the number of allies affected. Area of effect grows with total damage dealt in several stages.



  • Shining repairs the whole team. Repair efficiency grows with total damage dealt in several stages.

  • Eclipse deactivates all enemy ships: engine, AA guns, main battery, torpedo tubes and secondaries are deactivated for a short period of time.

Clan Battles

When the season starts, if you played a Random or a Clan Battle in a tier VIII-X ship, you’ll get a set of three special tier X ships for temporary use. The ships can be used for playing in Clan Battles only.

In update 0.6.12:

  • Japanese cruiser Zao;
  • Japanese destroyer Shimakaze;
  • German battleship Großer Kurfürst.

In update 0.6.13:

  • German cruiser Hindenburg;
  • Soviet Destroyer Grozovoi;
  • American Battleship Montana.

In update 0.6.14:

  • Soviet cruiser Moskva;
  • American destroyer Gearing;
  • Japanese Battleship Yamato.

Graf Zeppelin

In the meantime, Wargaming Audio Team has kindly implemented players great idea about G.Z. bombers sound.


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