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World of Warships – Sub_Octavian Q&A on Asia Forum

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to Verence196 for sharing the information, a digest on the most important answers from a Q&A with Sub_Octavian on Asia Forum.

Source: World of Warships EU Forum

  • Not currently planning to add more port filters
  • WG experimenting with new strike armament and load-out re-balancing for carriers. May be introduced on Enterprise and other ships. No MM changes for carriers currently planned.
  • Clan membership limit will be expanded, but no ETA currently available.
  • Training room functionality is not currently being worked on, although improvements are desirable.
  • No nerfs to Saipan aircraft are currently under consideration.
  • A number of high tier destroyers might be getting deck armor buffed to 19 mm/16 mm in 0.6.6, allowing them to bounce 203mm shells.
  • WG may consider removing torpedo splash damage in the future.
  • WG is working on updating the radio commands/quick keys.
  • Skill based MM will not be introduced to random battles.
  • WG is not planning to nerf RN cruisers.
  • Old temporary campaigns are not likely to be rerun. WG prefers making new stuff.