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World of Warships – Some Information from Russian Server #18

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to Babykim for sharing this, JamesWhite said in the last developer stream the only forbidden modification is the aim assist. Consequently, everything else is allowed. In particular, not forbidden are:

  • Rainbow Mod:  Shows the place of shell fall on the water surface, while the salvo is still in flight. Makes it very easy to dodge. The same exists for torpedoes.
  • X-Ray Mod: Always shows the outline of all ships, even if they are behind islands.

A probable reason for not banning these mods is the inability to reliably detect them.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships – Some Information from Russian Server #18

  1. Like we say in my country:

    The rainbow mod is much more broken than the “aim ***ist for noobs” bacause it is reliable. And it is authorized?

    Ok, then. It seems we have a new way to piss off BBabies. \o/

  2. I just can’t believe this… He is basically saying it’s OK to using mods that are clearly cheats…

  3. I’d like to propose another possibility:
    The Rainbow Mod isn’t well known yet by the players and Lesta hasn’t found a proper way to fight it.
    Thus that guy said nothing about that mod to prevent most of the players to hear about it and try it out, so it remains rare. When they will find a way to detect it, the will anounce its forbidden status.

    I really hope it is because of the above-mentionned reason..
    Otherwise he really deserves a high five.
    With a chair.
    Made of steel.
    From Hulk.

  4. Rainbow mod sounds like a great way to annoy BBabies but where do you get it from?

  5. +1 dont find anything but the paid warpack for rainbow but xray is WOT only

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