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World of Warships: Admiral Graf Spee Giveaway

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From time to time, I like to thank the readers, who without them I couldn’t be here today. Massive thanks to a special person from Wargaming who was kind enough to get me a code. Unfortunately, it only works for the EU Region. If don’t have an EU Account, stay tuned as I might have a global giveaway soon.

Admiral Graf Spee is proudly sailing into your port!

Nicknamed a “pocket battleship” by the British, the German Cruiser Admiral Graf Spee can soon be in your port. Armed with a fantastic set of 283 mm main guns, the ship was superior to any light or heavy cruiser of its time and was feared by its enemies! It might not be fast, but the big guns and the great health pool make up for it. Combine it together with decent torpedoes and AA guns, and you’ll get nearly the perfect cruiser.


How can you win an Admiral Graf Spee?

As usual, I made it nice and simple. Just click the below link, enter your email, in-game name, and follow the extra steps. That simple! Giveaway will close tomorrow, September 24th, at 18:00 BST (London Time). The winner will be announced shortly after. Good luck everyone.

Click Here to Enter

Winner Announcement

Thank you to everyone who participated! Unfortunately only one of you could win, and picked by random the lucky winner was: Udarya.

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