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World of Warships 0.6.15 Public Test

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Operation Nagai

A new Operation for Tier VII ships has been added to the game. In this Operation, players will be tasked with the challenge of breaking through enemy defense line, infiltrating behind enemy lines towards the base, provide fire support for the troop landing, and destroy enemy ships.

You can complete this Operation in two ways—

  • Defend the landing troops until their landing is successfully completed
  • Destroy all enemy combat units

Players are free to choose which task is most suitable for them to complete depending on the team’s lineup and the player’s personal game style.

New Port

 Update 0.6.15 introduces a new Port named ‘Hamburg’ and will be selected by default for all players when the update is released. The port features actual historical elements and references in it’s design. You may also find this Port by accessing the Port Menu after its release.

New Campaigns & Collections

 The update will introduce two new Campaigns. The first Campaign titled “The Battle of the North Cape”, is dedicated to the historical battle of the same name. Each mission of this Campaign relates to a certain stage of the said battle.

The second Campaign is dedicated to the New Year celebration. Players will be rewarded with various items from the new collection inspired by the Battle of the North Cape for finishing the both campaigns. Such items will include ship elements, photographs, badges and coats of arms.

The missions’ completion criteria will be much easier during the Public Test. It was done in order to simplify the progression through the campaign, and make the respective rewards more accessible. The final rewards on the Public Test will differ from the rewards on the live server.

New Year Ship’s Horn

On the occasion of the forthcoming holiday, all the ships in the game will be newly equipped with ability to sound the horn.

Every time you signal your horns, you spend its sound resource (4 seconds long by default). This resource will begin restoring 15 seconds after you used the horn for the last time. You may also sound horns in short toots, with maximum horn length of 4 seconds. The full restoration of the resource can take up to 45 seconds. Each ship type is equipped with a unique whistle tone of its own. The horn’s volume you hear changes according to the distance to the ship (loudest sound range: 1-2 km, quietest sound range: 5-6 km). You may also hear the enemy ships’ horns if these ships are detected by you or your allies. Using binocular view also affects the loudness of the ship’s horns. You may also choose to disable the ship horn sound effect from the Sound setting menu.