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World of Warships 0.6.11 Public Test Preview

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Naval Base

In Update 0.6.11, all clans will have their own Naval Base!

To visit your Naval Base, select the Clans tab, followed by the My Clan section. Developing your base will provide all clan members with unique bonuses such as: Service Cost discount, discount for regular ships in specific nation.

Naval Base are initially built with four basic structures: Headquarters, Research Center, Dockyard, and Shipyard.
These bases will be marked with flags and will not provide any additional bonuses. To enable these bonuses, you will need to build new facilities for each of these structures. Upgrade these structures to earn more bonuses for your clan!

How do I increase my clan size?

  1. Right click on the Headquarter and select a facility marked with a flag. Facilities with gray flags indicate facilities that are not built yet.
  2. Choose any of these facilities to show a tool tip for each structures.
  3. You can increase your clan’s maximum capacity by building a Squadron Staff or Task Force Staff.

You will need to earn special clan resources — “Oil” — to expand your base structures.

The total amount of Oil obtained by your Clan mates will be collected in the clan’s deposit. Oil will only be obtainable only if you are a part of a Clan. In Update 0.6.11, you may earn Oil upon receiving containers for completing daily missions and challenges. In the future, you will be able to obtain Oil for winning Clan Battles.

Changes to the Smoke Mechanics

Attacking under a smoke screen is one of the basic tactics that any Destroyers and Cruisers equipped with Smoke Generator may utilise. Battleships and heavy cruisers can coordinate with these ships to deal immense damage to enemies without getting close to them.

In Ranked Battles, players preferred playing passively until the opposing team made the mistake of engaging blindly or setting a smoke screen too early. Upon collecting player feedback, we started improving the mechanics of Smoke Generators. With the core concept of these Smoke Generators in mind, we are happy to announce that the Smoke Generator will now be revamped with new mechanics. These new mechanics will not affect the performance of ships equipped with Smoke Generators and will be centered around close and medium range engagements.

It is worth mentioning that in the earlier version, a ship firing from behind a smokescreen was virtually undetectable. These ships could only be detected once they had reached the minimum acquisition range of 2 km (3km if equipped with Target Acquisition System Modification 1), or by being spotted by Surveillance Radar or Hydroacoustic Search. After implementing this new mechanic, ships using their main guns within the smoke will be more easily spotted by enemy ships (smoke will still be effective against aircraft). New detectability parameters will depend on the main battery calibre and ship type. Average detectability range is 2.5 km for destroyers, 5.9 km for cruisers, and 13.6 km for battleships. Ships can be detected for up to 20 seconds.

You can also check the minimum acquisition range (2 km) and detectability after a main battery shot in the ship in Port, and by pressing H or pointing cursor on your HP indicator in battle.


Every ship has their own range of detectability for shooting while under the cover of smoke. All of these details will appear in the version release notes.

Other Changes

Inertia Fuse for HE Shells

To increase the value of the Inertia Fuse for HE Shells skill for ships with small-calibre guns, we changed the rate parameters of this skill. Ships with armament up to 139 mm will have -1% to the chance of being set on fire, and -3% (as it was) with gun caliber higher than 139 mm.

Maps and Locations


We added a little splash of color— specifically, in the form of towns— on the rough islands on the Haven map. Also, we fixed several bugs on different maps and in ports: Archipelago, Strait, The Atlantic, North, Two Brothers, Islands, Northern Lights, Riposte, clan Naval Base, Hawaii port. These changes will not affect gameplay and tactical peculiarities of the maps.


  • Fix for the Defensive Fire bug causing incorrect performance: aircraft attack cone didn’t expand when the range of Defensive Fire was close to the range of attack squadrons launching attack. This bug was most often repeated on the battleship Hood.
  • Fix for Divisions: players from Divisions are now able to compliment or report each other.
  • You can now add players to your contact list or blacklist from the contextual menu.
  • The contextual menu for AI-controlled ships was removed.
  • Quality of water visualisation near surface and in the medium or higher binocular view was improved.