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World of Warships Supertest 0.6.11 Details #1

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Wargaming has been sharing a lot more details in regards of Supertest, but our friends from were still able to get a few more details about 0.6.11.

Please be aware all the following information is from Supertest Server, meaning it’s not final and it might change before the final release.



Clan Naval Base

Naval base development provides more bonus: XP bonus +3%; ships’ service fee -10%; Credit cost to purchase ships -10%.

Clan Battles

Clan battle is a high competitive mode that displays the skill of a clan and its clan members. It is also the main source of clan development resource – oil. Ladder points will be introduced to evaluate a clan’s effort in clan battle. Clans will be therefore divided into four leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Those who are familiar with Team Battles will find it easy to adapt and learn Clan Battles, the rules are basically same. A clan can have multiple divisions in the matchmaker queue, but divisions from the same clan won’t be able to fight each other. This is to stop a clan with 49 active players and 7 divisions in queue, in order to rig battles. Clans won’t be able to have players from another clan or no-clan mercenaries in Clan Battles.

Pan Asia Destroyers

Regular torpedoes on Pan Asia DDs have been removed. Deep-water torpedoes are the only option they have, at least for now  and they now do the same amount of damage just like regular torpedoes.

Gun Pitch Correction

Guns on some battleships (especially pre-WW2 dreadnoughts) cannot fire at a close-range target due to poor layout. An in-game system will attempt to make arc shot by raising the gun barrels. But sometimes, it goes beyond the historical elevation limit.

To correct this, few gun turrets received a limited pitch. This change will not affect gameplay, however, it may have tiny, minor, subtle side effect on Arkansas, Wyoming, Ishizuchi, Konig Albert, and Kaiser.

PVE Scenario

Only Tier VI ships are allowed in Season 1 PVE scenarios.

Commemorative Flags

Collector’s Edition: He Huang


Collector’s Edition: Giulio Cesare


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  1. I personally don’t mind tier 5 ships in PvE scenarios, if only we could also use tier 7 ships for balance. It’s really quite a challenge trying to carry a random team when you’re the only one in a tier 6 ship.

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